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Programme Highlights

This school holiday, partake in our June Revision Programme and gear your child up for the new semester. Our program covers basic to exam style practices, with step-by-step explanation from our highly experienced teachers. With each topic covered, receive summary notes to better facilitate revision for your child.

Programme objectives

Our programme aims to help your child achieve competency across various topics and be prepared for the school reopening ahead. Our effective and quality curriculum will provide support to your child’s learning through self-practices, discussions and revision practices.

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Programme Fees

Lower Sec

$65(per class)

For Class 1-2

$45(per class)

For 3 or More

Upper Sec

$70(per class)

For Class 1-3

$60(per class)

For Class 4-7

$55 For All Sessions

Secondary (1)


  • HCF and LCM Basic
  • Real-Life Applications
  • Operation on integers, fraction and decimal
  • Significant figures and decimal place rounding
  • Algebraic Manipulations
  • Linear inequalities
  • Linear equation
  • Basic graphing technique(plotting, gradient of a graph)
  • understand equation of graph (Y=MX+C)


  • Physical Properties of matter
  • classification of living things
  • Element Compound And Mixture
  • solution vs suspension
  • separating mixtures
  • ecology

Secondary (2)


  • expansion with special product
  • factorisation using special product
  • factorisation of quadratic expression
  • graphical method
  • elimination method
  • substitution method
  • simplifying algebraic fraction
  • solving algebraic fraction
  • subject of formula
  • pythagoras theorem
  • trigonometry ratio
  • real-life application questions


  • atoms and molecules
  • particulate nature of matter
  • Forces And Pressure
  • energy and work
  • changing matter
  • transportation in living things
  • effect of heat
  • heat transfer

Secondary (3/4/5)


  • Measurement
  • Kinematics
  • Dynamics
  • Turning effect of force
  • Energy, work and power
  • Pressure
  • kinetic model of matter
  • Temperature
  • Transfer of thermal energy
  • Thermal properties of matter
  • General properties of waves
  • Sound
  • EM spectrum
  • Reflection and refraction
  • Lenses
  • PD, Current and resistance
  • DC current
  • Practical Electricity


  • Separation and purification
  • Elements, Compounds And mixture
  • Ionic bonding
  • Covalent bonding
  • Metallic bonding
  • Applications
  • Mole Concept
  • Calculation involving limiting reactant
  • Calculation involving volume of gas
  • Reaction involving acids and bases
  • Salt making
  • Energy involved in reaction
  • Speed of Reaction
  • Basic of electrolysis
  • Applications
  • Oxidation and reduction
  • Reactions involving metals
  • Alkanes/Alkenes
  • Alcohol and carboxylic acids

Secondary (3/4/5)

E Math

  • laws of indices
  • simplifying indices
  • Completing The Square
  • quadratic formula and word problems
  • obtuse angle
  • angle of elevation and Depression
  • Sine rule and cosine rule
  • Application to Geometrical problems

A Math

  • Equation solving,proving and ASTC
    questions (w/o further trigo identities )
  • Trigonometry Graphs and its transformation
  • Equation Solving, Proving and ASTC questions (W further trigo identities )
  • R-Formula
  • Basic  differentiation(chain rule,product rule and quotient rule )
  • Use of differentiation for tangent normal question
  • Advance differentiation
  • Maximum and Minimum problem


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At Path Finder, We Are The Path To Your Education Success

With 5 years of experience teaching more than 10,000 students from Secondary school to Junior College, Path Finder is your trusted holistic education provider.

Why Learn At Pathfinder?

Structured Curriculum

Gradual progression in content difficulty
Learning takes place in a well-guided manner which is suitable for the pace of all our students.

Learning takes place in a well-guided manner which is suitable for the pace of all our students.

Monthly Assessment
Our end-of-month test ensures that every learner’s progression is checked and understood.

Revision at a regular interval
Regardless of which point of entry, there are always revision sessions conducted bi-monthly* to check our student’s understanding of the topic.
*Frequency depends on the pace of the class

Dedicated Tutors

Full-time tutors only

Our team of tutors comprises only full-time tutors who were previous MOE educators or working professional who is able to impart real-life experience to students when teaching.

Post-lesson engagement
Learning does not only take place during the class. If there are doubts to be clarified, external help can be arranged before/after the class or through our Whatsapp chat.


Proven Track Record
100% grade improvement in 6 month
For the past 5 years, the centre achieved 100% grade improvement in students within 6 months. Students generally show greater interest in learning and are more confident post-class engagement.

Driving Excellence
Whether you are a fast or slower learner, the program caters to each individual with a wide variety of exercises that help students to achieve their ideal grades at the end.

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