Lesson Breakdown

30-40 min

The coverage of this block should be to dedicated to review the lesson taught in the last lesson. The tutor could utilise this slot to run through some concepts taught in the previous slides/material, review the worksheet given in the last lesson or some quick questions to check understanding of the past lesson

30 min

This block covers new concepts to be taught for the lesson proper. In the case if there is no new lesson to be taught (Due to exam period or all topics in the syllabus being covered), the lesson could be used to cover FAQ in the examination. Specific questions answering technique could be covered to help students to work on the concepts

20-30 min

An immediate short quiz of the lesson itself to be expected at the end of the lesson for the week. A quick quiz comprises of a number of MCQ questions or/and 1-2 questions that test the student of the concepts taught during the lesson. This will add up to the final grade at the end of the term

Lesson Assessment


In this area, students are assessed based on the ability to stay focus during the class. Attributes such as notes taking, asking relevant questions to clarify doubts is encouraged. Tutor is also allowed to direct questions to a student to check on the student's attentiveness

Max: 10 marks


In this area, students are assessed based on the quality of submitted work and the participation in the class. Attributes such as the number of correct work and the effort to stay neat is encouraged.

Max: 10 marks


Quizzes in various forms is given at the end of each lesson. Upon completion of each individual topic, a summary test is also expected to gauge the student's learning for the topic.

Max: 10 marks