Primary School English Tuition

Primary School English Tuition at Path Finder

For the various components of the English syllabus, we employ the following approaches:

  1. Letter and Essay Writing:
  • Organization of letter/essay
  • How to be descriptive in writing
  • How to come up with creative plots.


  1. Comprehension:
  • How to read a passage actively
  • Structuring answers to fit the requirements of the question.


  1. Grammar and Vocabulary:
  • How to remember grammar rules
  • Learning of new vocabulary through visual aids and engaging activities.


  1. Oral and Communication:
  • Instilling in students the confidence to speak up
  • How to structure their answers during an oral examination given limited preparation time

Why is Primary School English Important?

To be proficient in English from a young age is an extremely important quality because it would help in one’s understanding of information and in one’s expression of thoughts and ideas.

Hence, the syllabus is aimed at developing language fluency in students through proper grammar and sentence structure. Students should also become comfortable in expressing themselves clearly and creatively through writing, as well as speaking.

Our lessons at Path Finder Tuition aim to encourage the love of English in our students through interactive activities that impart the necessary skills to express themselves creatively and fluently. We also prepare our students for exam-style questions by identifying the requirements of each type of question and teaching them the thinking process they should possess and how to best structure their answers.

Class Information & Booking

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