Lower Secondary School Math Tuition

Lower Secondary School Math Tuition at Path Finder

At Path Finder Tuition, we aim to build a good foundation for the students. As such, the start of each lesson at the Lower Secondary level would always begin with some basic to intermediate practices in manipulating algebraic formulae/equations to allow students to have a fairly consistent practice on a weekly basis.

After which, an interactive “ Learn-by-example” approach would follow in the remaining lesson to allow students to grasp new concept to be taught each week. This would be done in progression in the following steps:

  1. Exposure to exam-style questions and the skill set needed
  2. Immediate feedback through a post lesson quiz review
  3. Regular review of concepts based on each lesson’s assessment
  4. Analysis of common careless mistakes made and techniques to overcome

Why is Lower Secondary School Math Important?

Mathematics at the Lower Secondary level is a foundation course to build understanding for the remaining part of the syllabus in 4048 GCE ‘O’ level Mathematics. It is also a bridge that transit students from the usual bar diagrams to the use of Algebra which was only briefly introduced during the Primary School years.

Not only would the content be more Algebra based, the use of fractions, decimal has also became more frequent making manipulation of working even more tedious.

Class Information & Booking

To learn more about this class, please call us at +65 8113 2816.