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We are a premium tuition centre in Jurong West that specialises in Math
and Science tuition for Secondary School and Junior College.
We believe that there is no weak learner but only a less guided
learner. Through our structured program, we hope to be able to
bring out the best in each learner and stretch their potential.

We provide reliable information that helps guide students and their parents through the tuition process. We help you

  • Build a strong foundation
  • Gain skills and confidence
  • Develop homework independence
  • Improve grades and test scores
  • Achieve school success

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Why Path Finder

Dedicated Tutor

At the best tuition centre in Jurong West, you’ll get a dedicated tutor for each subject. Our passionate, experienced, and caring teachers value quality learning and aim to support our students achieve their ultimate potential.

Structured Curriculum

Our curriculum is properly structured and organized, including the MOE subjects and the pattern in which students must be studied. Our curriculum is composed of core subjects that help you better understand overarching concepts.

Proven Track Record

Our curriculum is properly structured and organized, including the MOE subjects and the pattern in which students must be studied. Our curriculum is composed of core subjects that help you better understand overarching concepts.

All-Rounded Support

All students and their parents get their tutor's personal contact to connect and consult any questions they have. This all-around support is one of our ways to promote continuous learning even outside the class.

Clearing Basic Concepts

We take students through the journey of understanding all the concepts from the basics so that they can apply them on their own. At our tuition centre in Jurong West, we not only value concept mastery but also nurture the students.

Individually Tailored Programs

We don’t believe in one approach that fits all, instead, we understand that each student is unique and needs personal attention. We offer individually tailored programs that complement the student’s particular curriculum.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Skyrocket Your Exam Performance

Hone your exam skills and performance with our quality in-house study materials and practices
prepared in accordance with the latest MOE syllabus. Plus, gain greater exposure to question trends
and learn tips and tricks to time management and revision strategies from our experienced tutors.

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Grade Improvement

Client Satisfaction

Consistent High Achievements

Track Record With Us

At Path Finder, We Are The Path To Your Education Success

With 5 years of experience teaching more than 10,000 students from Secondary school to Junior College, Path Finder is your trusted holistic education provider.

Key Features Of Our Curriculum

Relevant to MOE Syllabus

At our tuition centre in Jurong West, classes and study materials are designed based on the latest MOE syllabus and guidelines.
The study material and various other content are also updated regularly to ensure relevance to the latest syllabus.

Nurtures the
Curiosity to Learn

Apart from delivering what is required in the syllabus, students are encouraged to learn beyond what is in the textbook.
This is achieved with the help of regular group interaction in discussions and multiple interactive educational games.

Hone Exam Skills & Performance

Our practice questions are set in accordance with the National Examination standard.
It exposes students to realistic examination standards and imparts the skills to answer them with a higher degree of accuracy.

Promoting Holistic Learning

Apart from examination techniques, the tutor at our tuition centre in Jurong West also impart important life skills.
It includes time management, key revision strategies to provide a wholesome learning experience beyond the books.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are your tutoring services different from offers?

At our tuition centre in Jurong West, we offer individually tailored programs along with dedicated tutors. We take the time to understand the needs of every student and create different educational plans specific to their needs.

We match our tutors with students based on their personality, skill set, and availability. 87% of our tutors have their Master’s degrees.

2. What is a typical lesson like?

Our lesson generally starts with checking the homework given in the previous class. All students are expected to attempt and submit the homework to ensure effective learning.

Our experienced tutors will then take new concepts and skills. Students are given time to apply the new concepts they have just learnt. Some of the students will find it difficult at first, though this is normal. Our tutors will go through the tutorial again and spot the missing piece in their application.

3. Who are your tutors?

The majority of our tutors are professional teachers with years of experience. They are carefully screened to make sure that they satisfy Path Finder’s high standards required to fulfil our vision of quality.

4. Are group tuitions effective?

There are too many factors affecting this question to have a definite answer.

  • The overall effectiveness of any tuition class depends on
  • Its structured programme
  • The experience of the tutor
  • The quality of the learning materials
  • The engagement of the student in the class

and more.

If your child is willing to learn and put in the effort, group tuitions at our tuition centre in Jurong West will be effective with structured programmes, experienced tutors, and great study materials.

5. How do I find the right tutor for my child?

Our team of experts will take care of that. As part of our initial contact with you, our team will assess your child’s educational needs and various other personal factors.

This information allows us to find the most suitable tutor for your child. Our caring, highly qualified professional staff will ensure that your child receives the best-quality tutorial support.

For more information, please call +65 8113 2816 or +65 9748 7013, one of our experts will answer all your questions.

Why Path Finder Tuition?

Structured Curriculum

Gradual progression in content difficulty
Learning takes place in a well-guided manner which is suitable for the pace of all our students.

Learning takes place in a well-guided manner which is suitable for the pace of all our students.

Monthly Assessment
Our end-of-month test ensures that every learner’s progression is checked and understood.

Revision at a regular interval
Regardless of which point of entry, there are always revision sessions conducted bi-monthly* to check our student’s understanding of the topic.
*Frequency depends on the pace of the class.

As a leading tuition centre in Jurong West, you can rest assured that your child will excel with us.

Dedicated Tutors

Full-time tutors only

Our team of tutors comprises only full-time tutors who were previous MOE educators or working professional who is able to impart real-life experience to students when teaching.

Post-lesson engagement
Learning does not only take place during the class. If there are doubts to be clarified, external help can be arranged before/after the class or through our Whatsapp chat.


Proven Track Record
100% grade improvement in 6 month
For the past 5 years, the centre achieved 100% grade improvement in students within 6 months. Students generally show greater interest in learning and are more confident post-class engagement.

Driving Excellence
Whether you are a fast or slower learner, the program caters to each individual with a wide variety of exercises that help students to achieve their ideal grades at the end.

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