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Path Finder math tuition centre equips you with the skills to conquer the progressive syllabus and difficulty of mathematical concepts, from the Secondary level to the Junior College level, and from Elementary Mathematics to Additional Mathematics.

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Additional Mathematics

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Sec 4 A Math, Class of 2018
I was failing the subject in the middle of Sec 3. After attending lesson at Path Finder, I noticed that I was able to grasp concepts in class better. One of the reason was that A Math lesson conducted at Path Finder is unique. The tutor not only does regularly start of lesson review, he also encouraged us to engage in guided peer teaching of concepts which allow us to realise what we understand or not understand. This accelerates my learning which allows me to obtained an A1 at the end of my ‘O’ level Examination.
School of Science and Technology
Sec 4 A/E Math (NA), Class of 2018
Mr Leon is the most amazing tutor I have ever found. He always develop new ways to teach the class that makes it much more understandable. It was him that I were able to accelerate my learning so much which goes from F9 to B3 at the end of my ‘O’ level examination. Thank you Path Finder Tuition.
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Sec
Sec 4 E Math, Class of 2019
The teachers at Path Finder are dedicated and never given up on me. Knowing that I was from the “N” level, the teachers tried to give me extra guidance through my lessons here. It was Path Finder that I achieved my A1. Thank you!
Swiss Cottage Sec

How do we come in?

As the learnings in Additional Mathematics can be very complex, the aim of our A math tuition centre is to simplify the content in an easy to understand manner. This is through the use of simpler step-by-step approaches to guide students through the rigorous solving process.

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Begin with the foundation course for Mathematics at the Secondary level and advance to Elementary and Additional Mathematics. Our O level math tuition classes are structured to teach from the basics to examination standards, suitable for students at all paces. The increasing difficulty of topics will expose students to integrated concepts and application in examination questions.

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With the ‘A’ Level Mathematics syllabus, students are equipped with greater Mathematical power which is designed to prepare students to tackle a range of university courses related to Science and Engineering. The subjects taught in our A level math tuition classes will build a strong foundation for students who aim to enter university.

Additional Mathematics

For Additional Mathematics, a more tedious and complex manipulation of Mathematics is expected. This is the foundation course for all Science and Engineering related courses in Polytechnics and Universities.

The key emphasis of the Additional Mathematics subject focuses on the ability to analyse the mathematics problem with a deeper level of understanding. Students are also expected to be able to look at real-life problems from different perspectives.

There are a total of 4 areas of focus in our JC H2 Math tuition lessons. 

Language in Mathematics

Introduction to the various mathematical expressions in the topic such as Indices, Surds and Logarithm.

Advance Coordinate Geometry

Problems involving circle and advance plane geometry proving.

Advanced Trigonometry

More complicated Trigonometry problems involving the ASTC quadrant, Trigonometry proving and Trigonometry solving with more than 1 possible solution.


The use of Differentiation and Integration in the context of real-life application question.

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