5 Important Things To Think About When Selecting A Tuition Centre

Enrolling in a tuition-based class now appears more commonplace than necessary. A growing number of tutoring centres have also popped up to provide their services as a result of more students and parents needing assistance outside of the classroom. The majority of them assert that they can give their students the greatest results.

In Singapore alone, there are already about 850 tuition centres that are registered with the MOE. You can find it challenging to select the tuition centre that is best for your child given the range of possibilities available. Here are five of the most important elements to take into account when choosing a tuition centre for your child to assist you in making the best decision.

1. Trustworthiness

Credibility is the most crucial aspect to consider while selecting a tuition centre. After all, you wouldn’t want your child to attend an unqualified tuition centre. As a result, before hiring a tuition centre, you should examine its credentials. This involves being aware of the centre’s history of teaching and its approach to meeting the various educational needs of its students.

If a tuition centre employs instructors who can connect with their pupils and educate them successfully, it will be considered credible and reliable. The tutors employed at the tuition centres might have their backgrounds checked by examining their training, prior teaching experience, and pertinent certificates. You may then determine whether these instructors are certified teachers and feel more at ease about handing your child to that tuition centre.

2. High-Quality Education

When choosing where to enrol your child in tuition classes, factors other than credibility and educational excellence are essential. Examining the outcomes of a tuition centre’s former pupils is one of the finest ways to gauge the calibre of education it offers. This might enable you to evaluate the centre’s effectiveness in guiding and aiding its pupils.

A tuition centre’s educational quality can also be determined by its students’ accomplishments and past graduates’ recommendations. What they say will offer you a general picture of what your child’s experience at the tuition centre will be like and assist you in deciding whether the centre can meet your child’s specific demands.

3. The Tutor’s Teaching Style

Children’s four primary learning preferences are auditory, visual, reading and writing, and kinesthetic. Before enrolling your child in a tuition class, it’s critical to comprehend your child’s learning preferences and the tutor’s teaching methods. This will assist you in choosing the tuition centre that best meets your child’s educational needs.

For instance, it will be ideal to have your child be taught by a tutor who engages in more hands-on activities if they are a kinesthetic learner. On the other hand, an instructor who chooses to use illustrated explanations like animations and infographics is excellent if your child is a visual learner.

Reading reviews is a terrific approach to learning more about the tuition centre and the teachers’ methods of instruction. Alternatively, you can speak with the centre directly to find out more information.

4. Place

Typically, a tuition class meets after school or on weekends. Therefore, enrolling your child in a tuition centre far from their school or your house would not be practical because it would be exhausting for them and waste time travelling.

Long commutes can also deter your youngster from frequently attending their tuition lessons. So pick a renowned tuition centre close by for ease and practicality. A tuition centre in Bedok is your best option if you reside in Bedok.

5. Budget

Education costs are high, and it might be required for your child, particularly if they have academic difficulties. Therefore, locating a tuition centre whose prices are well within your means would be beneficial.

In other words, it’s crucial to approach the tuition centre and ask about its rates before enrolling your child in a class. Even though tuition can be expensive, the result might be worthwhile if everything works out.

Further Considerations

You might have compiled a list of tuition centres after conducting an online search and gathering referrals using the advice from the previous article. This article offers further guidance on what to do while visiting specific centres.

Request Examples of The Curriculum & The Program Description.

Ask the personnel at a tuition centre whether you can look at their teaching materials during your first visit. Even though it would be relatively easy to review the centre’s curriculum in this short time, you can look at a specific issue to observe how the centre presents concepts and generates solutions. Asking about the program’s structure will also help you better understand what your child will learn if they enrol.

Speak With The Teacher

Can you trust someone to guide your child if you don’t communicate with them? You will have a greater chance to speak with the tutor in boutique centres, introduce your child and yourself, and provide the tutor with your child’s most recent paper for review. If you first see a receptionist, kindly inquire about the possibility of meeting the instructor after class. Make sure you come prepared with some questions because you might only have 10 minutes for this chat. You may inquire about the program’s coverage, cost, teaching style, opinions of your child, and so forth. Your goal is to get any questions answered and get to know the tutor better.

Obtain Information on Your Child’s Strengths & Weaknesses.

Depending on the centre, your session can be a trial class or a one-on-one consultation. If it’s a group lesson, your youngster can observe firsthand how the course is run. In a one-on-one session, the tutor has more time to get to know your child’s trouble spots. However, after your consultation, you are welcome to ask the instructor about your child’s strengths and weaknesses. You may tell how eager the tutor is to assist your child in improving their performance by listening to criticism and paying attention to how the instructor speaks.

Analyse Your Child’s Connection to The Tutor.

Ask your youngster about the tutor when you have finished at the centre. It’s critical that your youngster understands and has a connection to the tutor. You may see how easily your youngster was speaking to the instructor by observing their behaviour. In later stages of the learning process, this is crucial. During the procedure, an excellent tutor inspires students and instructs them. The capacity to communicate makes it possible for the tutor and the student to work as a productive team. It also increases confidence and trust. If your child is motivated to attend class, they will advance more quickly.

After Enrollment, Keep Track of Your Child’s Development.

When you enrol your child in a tuition centre, your search does not end. By asking your child for comments on the courses and the tutor, you can give yourself a chance to think about your choice. Usually, you and your child can determine whether a centre is a suitable fit within a month (4 sessions). Use this first month to talk to your tutor about your worries. A teacher who is a good fit for your child will be able to comprehend his or her issues and assist your child in finding unique answers.


Making the correct tuition centre selection ensures your child gets the most outstanding academic support possible. There are currently hundreds of tuition centres in Singapore, making it simple to be duped and choose the wrong one.

By considering all the variables discussed in this post, you may adequately analyse your alternatives and choose the tutoring facility that best meets your child’s needs.

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