6 Things To Consider Before Choosing a Tuition Centre

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A tuition centre is no longer something you only need when your child is struggling to study correctly. Tuition centres are becoming more and more popular due to the problematic syllabus and various changes in the education system. Nowadays there is no lack of tuition centres if you look around your neighborhood or your town.

Therefore it can become a little challenging to find the best tuition centre for your child and his/her needs. You have to find the right one to help your child study better and avoid those who are only in it for the money. We understand that it can be pretty challenging to find the best one in the market that easily.

In this article, let’s talk about some things you need to keep in mind while trying to look for the best tuition centre for your children:-

1. Understand the abilities of the staff in the tuition centre.

The main thing that matters the most are the teachers – no tuition centre can be suitable for your child unless it has the best staff to help your child feel better about studying and scoring well. The teacher’s overall experience and communication skills matter the most.

Before choosing a tuition centre, make sure that you spend enough time talking to the teachers in charge of your child. Understand how well-trained they are and how well they can communicate with your children to make them feel comfortable. Knowing these things will make you feel at ease about letting the teachers teach your child for a couple of hours each day.

2. Know the tuition centre’s reputation in the market. 

Before buying anything, we tend to look up online reviews to ensure that we are not wasting our money. The same should be done to ensure that you choose the perfect tuition centre for your children.

Path finder is known as one of the best tuition classes in Jurong West – but you don’t have to base your judgment on that statement. Instead, you can look at the client reviews on our website to understand what other parents think about our classes.

It’s always a fantastic idea to talk to the parents whose kids are already in the said tuition and know how they feel about the classes. Plus, you can understand the tuition centre’s reputation and skills based on the client feedback and reviews they had before.

3. Research about the fee structure to know if it fits your budget or not. 

As parents, let’s be honest, you want to find the best tuition centre and something that doesn’t make you spend a ton of money every month. Therefore it’s crucial to ensure that you know the fee structure for the tuition centre well in advance.

It’s also advised that you allow your child to attend some demo lectures beforehand. That will help you understand if the tuition is the right fit for your children or not. Spend time to know how much you need to pay for classes and if the payment can be done in installments or not. That way, you don’t have to be financially struggling or concerned about money when picking the best tuition centre. 

4. Check out the infrastructure of the tution centre.

Some people might not mind how the classrooms look if the teachers are suitable for their children. But you have to understand that it’s essential to have an appropriate environment for your child to study well. Plus his/her surroundings can affect the quality of the learning and retention of your children.

In the current situation, it’s essential to make sure the place is hygienic, safe for your children, and comfortable where they can spend a few hours focusing on their studies. A good infrastructure ensures that the tuition centre is interested in providing comfort to your children and helps them study properly. So consider spending some time visiting the tuition facility before you pick it for your child. 

5. Consider the overall class size. 

Yes, the number of students in the classroom is essential. You have to make sure that your kid gets more attention from the teachers to help them study correctly. And you can do that by understanding the class size of the tuition centre you are interested in for your child.

When the class size is smaller, your child can ask questions more often and have their doubts cleared by the teachers. It also helps if the teacher knows each student individually and aligns their lessons based on their needs. It’s more personalized and also more intimate, which helps your child get the focus they need.

A huge class size

6. The tuition centre’s abilities should match your child’s needs. 

It’s all about picking the best tuition centre that will address your child’s needs efficiently. Therefore the first thing to do is to know exactly why your child needs the tuition centre for.

Whether it’s to get extra help on specific subjects or to get more learning tips from experts, you should know your children’s goals to study more appropriately. Once you get informed about these things, it will be easier to find tuitions that provide what you need and one that is budget-friendly as well.


Tuition centres nowadays have become an essential part of learning – kids require the extra help and guidance that tuitions offer to make it through the school year successfully.

This article talked about some points you should keep in mind to choose the best tuition centre for your children. We hope that these tips help you pick the best centre for you among several options you have.

If you are looking for the best tuition centre in Jurong West, you can talk to our experts at path finder to find the perfect study partner for your children!


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