How A-Math Affects Our Everyday Lives


Additional Math or A-Math helps students improve by teaching them basic and advanced maths concepts and applying those concepts to real-world problems. It’s only logical that for each grade level, lessons get more complex, but A-Math takes things a step further by diving even deeper into the subject.

Furthermore, A-Math believes that mathematics will help you enhance your reasoning skills and logic; that’s why lessons catered to do that are included in the subject.

While not necessarily mandatory, A-Math is perfect for those truly passionate about the subject and those looking to take up a particular course in college.

In this article, we will discuss how A-Level Math affects our everyday lives. We will also dive deeply into other benefits you will get upon taking up the subject.

What is A-Math?

A-Math is a form of further education in Singapore, and it is offered as an optional subject for students who want to grasp advanced, university-level mathematical concepts. This subject is being provided to secondary 3 students and will allow them to have an advantage at maths over their peers.

Additional Math includes topics like calculus and advanced trigonometry, and it also has real-life problems that can be solved using logic and mathematical equations. Math is a complex subject with various advanced topics, and those topics are fully explored in A-Math.

Students are also expected to step up their study habits with the step-up in difficulty. This increased effort might come in the form of extra hours spent studying or time spent in maths tuition, which will benefit the student in the long run.

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How A-Math Affects Our Everyday Lives

Mathematics and practicality are two concepts some people are having trouble connecting. Some believe that maths is too vague to be considered practical, and others even think that this subject is not worth studying.

But did you know that concepts included in the A-Math subject have their practical applications? Take budgeting as an example. The simple task of adjusting your budget involves a simple form of algebra. Another example is buildings, which require the use of geometry to have a sturdy and ergonomic design.

Mathematics is all around us, and the concepts studied in A-Math prove that to be true. Are you wondering about other practical applications of A-Math? Here they are.

1. It Helps With Making Infrastructures

High-rise buildings


Whether for commercial or residential purposes, buildings have become an integral part of our lives. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re inside one! Construction requires a lot of calculations, from the cost of the materials alone, and it requires even more complex equations if you’re trying to find the right angle for each piece.

Geometry is the field that engineers and architects tap into before making various buildings. The calculations must be precise so that the structural integrity of each building is there.

You can learn all about geometry through A-Math, and if you’re planning on being an engineer or an architect, studying the subject can significantly benefit you in the long run.

2. It Helps With Measurements in Cooking and Baking

Cooking and baking


Cooking and baking involve following recipes that indicate particular measurements. In cooking, there are also times when you would estimate the ingredients. By doing so, you are applying algebra in cooking.

You can compare the symbols used in algebra to the ingredients you’re using. By estimating the number or the size with which to cut these ingredients, your mind is computing the best possible solution for the problem.

Cooking is as much an exact science as it is art, and algebra is at the centre of it all, helping you come up with the best solution to your problem. Algebra is also one of the central components of A-Math, and by studying the subject, you will slowly find its practical applications.

3. It Helps You Think Logically

Logical thinking


Logic is an essential part of our everyday lives. By making decisions every day, we inadvertently exercise our logical skills. We are tapping into our logic from simply considering which soap brand is better to making important decisions such as where to apply.

A-Math and mathematics and general are geared towards making an individual more logical. With problems requiring specific solutions, we are forced to think about the best solution to apply and think three to four steps ahead before committing to one.

By taking the A-Math subject, you will not only get the chance to practice your logical skills but also discover other practical applications of maths. The subject caters to exhibiting the practical applications of mathematics, and it merges the world of ideas and everyday life well.

4. It Helps With Sports

Different types of sports


Anyone from any walk of life has a favourite sport to play or watch, be it basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, and various others. Sports is a field that constantly uses maths, as it helps with calculating factors like the force applied and the angles.

Basketball players, for instance, make quick computations in their minds regarding the correct angle and the proper force to be applied. Topics like geometry and algebra are in full effect as they make split-second decisions before committing to the move.

By studying A-Math, you too can understand the complexities of such split-second decisions. If you wish, you can even parlay this knowledge into becoming a sports analyst.

5. It Helps With Marketing



Marketing is a field that uses many concepts associated with maths, basic mathematical functions, logical reasoning, to algebra; this field makes full use of maths.

For example, computing for how much cost you’re willing to cut off during a sale and the expected number of customers because of this sale involves computations. The analysis regarding your target demographic also involves basic and advanced calculations.

Understanding maths might make you prosper within the marketing industry because of the various skills you will acquire, proving that maths has a broad reach and is beneficial for everyday life.


Mathematics is a practical subject, as evidenced by its various applications in our day to day lives. While studying A-Math might prove challenging, there are always activities like attending tuition classes to help you master your subject of choice.

Path Finder Tuition is one such tuition centre that offers to help you with various subjects. English, Science, and Maths are our areas of expertise, and we are committed to bringing out the best in your children.

If you want your children to ace their A-Math class, rest assured that we will be here to help them do just that.

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