Here’s how you can teach children to love maths!

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Mathematics is one of the subjects with many practical usages and can be extremely interesting to learn. But it also encompasses a lot of complex concepts and formulas that can be difficult for children to understand.

Maths demands a lot of focus and practice for children to master it – and it’s essential to make sure that the learning process is fun and interactive rather than one-sided and boring.

If your child has also struggled to like mathematics for a while, we are going to list down some of our tricks that can help you get them to love maths.

1. Teach them to relate math to real-world events.

You will struggle to get students to like a subject they think is of no use in their daily routine. Thus it will be hard to get kids to like maths if they don’t think it’s relevant or related to what they do most days.

Therefore, you have to understand how learning maths can help them solve everyday issues and problems. So spend some time teaching them how they can relate maths to real-world occurrences. That way, kids will be more interested in studying maths passionately and spend time solving the problems as well.

2. Let them know that one program can be solved in several ways.

Maths is excellent because every problem can be solved in several ways, from easy methods to difficult ones based on which one the student thinks is easier for him/her. And that is one thing that students can learn to enjoy about mathematics.

As one of the best tuition centres, we at path finder, allow students to understand that it’s okay to solve problems in any way that they find comfortable and more accessible. Kids tend to like having that choice to pick a certain way to solve equations or a certain way to memorize formulas as well. It also makes them more comfortable about learning mathematics.

3. Encourage kids to ask questions frequently.

Kids often get too nervous about asking questions as they think they might sound stupid or embarrass themselves. But only by asking questions can they get quicker answers and learn faster.

Ensure that the kids are comfortable with their tutors or teachers – that way, they won’t hesitate to raise their hand in the classroom or approach the teacher to ask questions and get their doubts cleared. Encourage them to strive to understand the lessons clearly before moving to the next topic or lesson. That way, they won’t have to spend more time later to relearn everything over again.

4. Understanding logic should be preferred over just memorizing problems.

Mathematics isn’t like other subjects where students can memorize answers and get good grades in their exams. Kids have to focus on the logic behind every solution to understand the problems correctly.

To make maths fun, kids have to be interested in knowing how a particular problem can be solved and figure out on their own what the best solution for that problem can be. So ensure that you teach kids to figure out the logic behind math problems. This will also make the learning session more active, and kids won’t get bored quickly.

Logic is the basis of maths

5. Technology should be utilised smartly.

Nowadays, the technological inventions in the world have made learning more effortless than it has ever been before. It’s essential to use those advanced tools to help kids embrace the world of mathematics quickly. Plus, kids these days prefer to use the internet every time they possibly can anyway.

Online tutorials and practice materials are abundant and mostly free – kids can use these things to learn basics and then move towards advanced concepts. These online classes are also much more interactive, keeping students engaged for a reasonable amount of time every day. Students should embrace the digital world to provide them with ways to learn maths and other subjects better.

6. Maths isn’t about solving problems at the speed of light.

It’s a fact that every student is different and learns things at his/her own unique speed. And there is no rule that you have to be faster at solving mathematical problems to be called a genius in the subject.

Let your kids know that they don’t have to feel the pressure to solve problems as quickly as possible. Instead, ask them to take their time to understand the concept and the problem to figure out the best feasible solution for it. You also have to know that you have to be patient with your kids as they learn mathematics and get better over some time.

7. Find a good tutor if your children need it.

You want to offer everything you can to ensure that your children learn mathematics and keep up with other kids in their class. And if they need a tutor for that, then there is nothing wrong with that.

Path finder has been offering maths tuitions for a long time and has helped a ton of students to move from hating maths to falling in love with it over time. A good tuition centre will help kids learn and make them feel interested in the process of continuous learning and improvement. So don’t hesitate to talk to a tutor if your child is struggling to like maths in school.

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This article discussed some fantastic yet easy ways to get your children to love mathematics and look forward to their lessons every day. We hope that these tips make it easier for you to get your kids to study mathematics.

If you have been looking forward to getting some guidance for your child or getting them admitted to one of the best tuition centres, path finder has experts in different subjects like maths, chemistry, physics, etc.

So make sure to book trial classes for your children to give them the learning experience they deserve!

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