How To Choose The Best Maths Tuition Centre In Singapore

Maths tuition centre


Singapore has one of the most competitive educational cultures globally, so parents want to give their children good opportunities to be excellent in school.

For this reason, tuition centers are becoming extremely popular, especially in one of the most challenging subjects like math.

At PF Tuition, we make sure we provide your child with the most comprehensive math curriculum to help them pass the required subject and proceed to Junior College and, ultimately, Polytechnic Courses.

Are Singaporean’s good at math?

Interestingly, in the 1980s, Singapore has already implemented an innovative approach to teaching elementary math. The curriculum includes problem-solving with the aid of diagrams and pictures. Just a decade after, the country’s math results skyrocketed.

They were already getting registered on the charts for international ratings. Are you still wondering if Singaporean’s are good at math?

Here are some interesting facts:

1. Students in Singapore are the leaders in math. Since 1995, when the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study began ranking countries in terms of competitiveness in math proficiency, Singapore has been ranked among the top.

In fact, in 2011, an Internation Association for Evaluation of Educational Achievement report stated that fourth graders in Singapore sit first place while eighth-graders in the country sit second place.

2. Singaporeans focus on Math mastery. Unlike everyone else who only aims to pass the test, Singaporeans concentrate on the mastery of the subject. The Ministry of Education created the country’s curriculum, which focuses on lesser topics but in a more profound fashion.

3. Like LEGO bricks. Layered strategies built on top of the other have worked wonders in Singapore. This approach is different from other countries that follow the spiral approach seen as jarring for both students and teachers alike.

4. Alignment with Common Core Standards. Singaporean policymakers first looked at what high-performing countries in math were doing before they developed what is now known as the Common Core standards. This is why Singapore has consistently ranked at the top.

How To Choose The Best Math Tuition Center In Singapore

When choosing a math tuition center in Singapore, the best place to start is to check if it’s registered with the Ministry of Education. This will ensure that the tuition center you choose follows the approved curriculum, including qualified tutors and a safe learning environment for your kids.

Next, check the center’s experience. How many years has the center had in terms of teaching quality education. In perspective, just like any business that provides poor quality service, the center will not have a solid following for many years.

Third, check their rates. Rates are vital, but cheaper doesn’t mean better. The truth is, most people are willing to pay more as long as the service is worth every penny. Similarly, paying more often means you’re entitled to a better quality of service.

What Are The Types Of Math Tuition Centers In Singapore

Math tuition centers in Singapore have three significant setups.

  • Private tuition. This is a one-on-one lesson that’s usually done in the student’s home or anywhere that’s convenient for both parties.
  • Group tuition. A group-based classroom that allows 4-40 students in each class.
  • Enrichment centers. This is similar to group tuition but focuses on experience and the learning process instead of the traditional teaching method.

Currently, there are more than a hundred math tuition centers in Singapore.

Why Should You Choose A Maths Tuition Centre In Singapore

Math tuition centers in Singapore are not mandatorily required, although it might seem like it at first. That only happens because students progress faster when they seek outside help, elevating the bar a step higher.

According to a 2013 survey, 4 out of 5 Singaporean students enrolled in math tuition centers, unlike the 30-49% of primary and secondary students enrolled in math tuition in 1992. Today, the household expenditure of Singaporeans showed a significant increase because of private tuition and other external educational courses.

For many Singaporean parents, tuition is one of the best choices to ensure their kids don’t get left out in their education, especially math.

With that said, math tuition offers a fresh, new experience for you kids that would go a long way. Math tutors provide a more focused approach in teaching your child, unlike in the traditional school setting. This way, kids are expected to absorb more learning and discover a child’s learning disabilities that’ often get unnoticed in a crowded school setting.

Additionally, math tuition centers and tutors understand that each student has unique needs and comprehension. This is why it’s essential to let them learn in a method that best suits them. Good math tuition will help students understand these important life lessons:

  • Provide focused attention
  • Teach them discipline
  • Help them build confidence
  • Ensure they catch up to their curriculum
  • Provide challenges that suit their needs
  • Positive and timely feedback
  • Give them tips to learn math faster than the conventional school

At PF Tuition, we will ensure your child is provided with the best mathematics learning possible for their needs. Likewise, we place great importance on the safety of everyone, including our staff, especially in these difficult times brought about by the pandemic.

As parents, it is your responsibility to motivate your children in every stage of their life. However, we can’t do this on our own. We need your help. It’s best to teach them not to fear mathematics, and we will do our best to provide them with maths tuition teaching methods that are interesting to make their learning experience as pleasant as possible.


Self-confidence is the key to learning. When your kids believe they can achieve what they want, they will strive to achieve it. This is why kids must learn in an environment that boosts their self-confidence. Math tuition is becoming a popular option for parents to send their kids to learn better and quicker.

Are you looking for the best Math tuition in Singapore? Give us a call. We’ll be happy to serve you.

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