Chemistry in Everyday Life: 5 Fantastic Examples

Children practising chemistry in the lab

Source Chemistry, much like physics, is all around us. While chemistry deals with things down to the atomic and molecular levels, it also deals with change, and change is something we experience regularly. Sometimes, a slight change in the chemistry can have huge effects on certain things or our bodies themselves.  With that being said, … Read more

How A-Math Affects Our Everyday Lives

Additional Math

Source Additional Math or A-Math helps students improve by teaching them basic and advanced maths concepts and applying those concepts to real-world problems. It’s only logical that for each grade level, lessons get more complex, but A-Math takes things a step further by diving even deeper into the subject. Furthermore, A-Math believes that mathematics will … Read more

Autonomous and Independent Schools in Singapore: Everything You Need to Know

C:\Users\Jordan Miclat\Downloads\2022-02-22 10_20_38-Autonomous and Independent Schools in Singapore_ Everything You Need to Know - G.png

Source To address the growing need for education in Singapore, the Ministry of Education has allowed different types of schools to operate. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, but they are geared towards giving our children a brighter future. Aside from the usual government schools, parents can pick from Autonomous, Specialised Independent, Specialised, and … Read more

JC Cut Off Points for 2022 

Junior college in Singapore

Source Getting into Junior College can be pretty demanding. With students expected to get high scores in their L1R5 due to their O Levels exam, some students step up to the challenge, while some succumb to the pressure. Knowing the JC cut-off points for various junior colleges can be a big help because if you … Read more

12 Ridiculously Effective Ways On How To Improve Physics Scores

A picture of a Newton’s cradle

Physics has a reputation for being a complex and taxing subject. It is notorious for making even the most brilliant students cry—with its complex mathematical equations, complicated concepts, and countless symbols. This subject is less memorization-based compared to other technical subjects. Instead, you need deep analysis and critical thinking skills to link various concepts into … Read more

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