Unfamiliar Territory: 15 Survival Tips for Junior College in Singapore

Mistakes can be erased by performing well next time.

Venturing into the unknown is always a partly scary and partly exciting experience for anyone. Especially if this unknown place we’re venturing into dictates our whole future. This is typically one of the things you think about when you are about to enter Junior College. Many questions will go through your heads, and the fact … Read more


Coriolis Effect Imagine that you and your friend is sitting on a merry-go-round as in the diagram below If the merry go round is stationary, throwing a ball towards your friend in a straight line would be able to reach him without any problem. However, the same cannot be said if the platform is rotating … Read more


Brainstorming is always beneficial

Writing a Good Introduction The introduction is one of the most important parts of a story. It is the first thing that your reader sees and if it is not fascinating enough, you will most likely lose the interest of the reader. A common way of starting a story is to write about how the … Read more


Common Mistakes when Handling Fractions When it comes to manipulating fractions in mathematics problem sums, students are most prone to making careless mistakes. There are many reasons for this which can range from not being familiar with the rules involved in manipulating fractions, to overlooking signs. Below are some of the common mistakes that students … Read more


Discovery of an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastics Plastic materials such as polyethene, polysterene and polyvinyl chloride (commonly known as PVC) have become pervasive in its use, be it as disposal containers or plastic bags. However, the ever increasing waste generated by the use of plastics has led to environmental pollution. When plastics are incinerated, they … Read more


Creativity is a very much overlooked quality in our society where obtaining right answers is more important than exploring new possibilities. While in academics, there is a need for students to understand vital concepts and to be able to answer examination questions, a lack of creativity in a student would only lead to him or … Read more


What is Friction? Friction is a force exerted between surfaces of different objects. While force is a well understood concept learnt in the branch of Science called Physics since Primary School, however the understanding of friction is mostly vaguely touched on. What gives friction? Imagine that a crate has to be pushed along the surface … Read more

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