The Benefits of Studying Chemistry in Tuition Centres

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Chemistry is a vast subject, which is generally why it overwhelms a lot of students. But it’s one of those subjects that can be useful in their everyday lives and when they go to university for further studies and learning.

If your child has been struggling to keep up with the chemistry curriculum in college, then you might be desperate to find someone to help him/her out. And that is precisely where our experts at Path finder Tuition centre can take your worries away!

If you are looking to find tips that can help your child love chemistry more, you can use these practical tips to help them get used to the subject and slowly like it more with time.

1. Go through study material before you attend the classes

Since chemistry can be a little challenging to understand the first time you learn, you have to ensure that you have some idea before entering the classroom. That way, you won’t feel utterly clueless with new concepts that you learn every time.

Going through the study material in advance enables students to know the topic they will learn in class. They can also have some questions prepared in advance that they can later ask in class and get the matter cleared quickly. Thus going through study material before class can make the learning process much more manageable.

2. Feel passionate to understand new concepts and lessons.

As we have already said, chemistry comes with a lot of knowledge that students can learn and then apply to their regular lives. Kids have to get the basics down first before getting swarmed by more challenging concepts. Otherwise, they would be overwhelmed by all the knowledge and ideas under chemistry at different levels.

Details are important and ensure that you know the subject thoroughly, but those cannot be studied unless you know the basic concepts by heart. So students should focus on learning the basics of chemistry and then move towards more challenging topics or trickier chemical reactions.

3. Practice problems should never be ignored.

We understand that exam questions are often different from the practice questions you solve while learning a new concept or during tuition exams. But practice problems shouldn’t just be solved to ensure you get good grades in exams.

Instead of solving every practice problem that you can find, focus on explaining how you reached a specific solution and why it’s the best way to solve that question. Even if you refer to some guide to answer particular questions, you must understand why every solution line is written and how it leads to the answer.

4. Remember that practicing more is only going to help you learn.

Chemistry is a complex subject but that doesn’t mean you cannot learn it properly if you dedicate time and effort to do the same. Practicing as much as possible is always going to help you learn.

Students need to understand that learning chemistry will take time and a lot of patience as well. You don’t have to learn everything in two months – you are allowed to take as much time as you need to understand a particular concept and be better at solving problems related to it.

Students putting their chemistry knowledge into practice

5. Lab sessions should not be taken lightly.

Chemistry is not just about going through the study material and solving problems to understand the concept – spending time practically doing a certain experiment can help you to learn a lot more.

It also helps you remember that concept for a longer period as you do the experiment or understand how you got to the expected result. So make sure to spend enough time applying textbook concepts in the practicals to ensure that you learn every minute detail.

How Path Finder changes the way, students learn chemistry:-

Path finder has been dedicated to changing the way tuitions usually tackle complex subjects like chemistry – our enhanced way of teaching has been based on making learning easier for students of different skill sets and study patterns.

1. Structured lessons

As already mentioned, structured lessons are one of the best ways to introduce a subject like chemistry to students. It provides a proper learning path to the students, so they don’t feel scared looking at the syllabus all at once.

Guidance is essential to kids when it comes to school or college subjects that they struggle to study independently. Structured teaching enables them to get that help and focus on improving chemistry topic by topic every time.

2. Revising lessons and concepts often

No matter how brilliant a student is, he/she will tend to forget things if they don’t often revise and go through the study material again and again. Thus we think it’s essential to schedule revisions every few weeks.

We ensure that the student gets to revise concepts and ask questions whenever needed to not forget what they have learned. Along with that, we often conduct tests to ensure their concept knowledge is correct.

3. We change our ways as the education system changes.

We know that the current educational world is all about regular curriculum and exam pattern changes – we also focus on changing accordingly and helping students adapt to the new updates.

Our curriculum is ever-changing, and that’s because it’s constantly updated based on what the current trends or changes are in the schools or colleges. That way, kids learn to keep up with the syllabus without feeling overwhelmed.

Students reviewing with the aid of technology


The world of chemistry is amazing for those who genuinely feel passionate about learning the chemical reactions behind certain events in real life – and for those who are interested, in this article, we shared a couple of practical tips to make learning chemistry easier for your children.

If you are looking for the best chemistry tuition for your children in the Jurong West area, feel free to connect to our experts at Path Finder tuition centre right away!

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