Elementary Mathematics

Path Finder math tuition centre in Jurong West equips you with the skills to conquer the progressive syllabus and difficulty of mathematical concepts, from the Secondary level to the Junior College level, and from Elementary Mathematics to Additional Mathematics.


Sec 4 A Math, Class of 2018
I was failing the subject in the middle of Sec 3. After attending lesson at Path Finder, I noticed that I was able to grasp concepts in class better. One of the reason was that A Math lesson conducted at Path Finder is unique. The tutor not only does regularly start of lesson review, he also encouraged us to engage in guided peer teaching of concepts which allow us to realise what we understand or not understand. This accelerates my learning which allows me to obtained an A1 at the end of my ‘O’ level Examination.
School of Science and Technology
Sec 4 A/E Math (NA), Class of 2018
Mr Leon is the most amazing tutor I have ever found. He always develop new ways to teach the class that makes it much more understandable. It was him that I were able to accelerate my learning so much which goes from F9 to B3 at the end of my ‘O’ level examination. Thank you Path Finder Tuition.
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Sec
Sec 4 E Math, Class of 2019
The teachers at Path Finder are dedicated and never given up on me. Knowing that I was from the “N” level, the teachers tried to give me extra guidance through my lessons here. It was Path Finder that I achieved my A1. Thank you!
Swiss Cottage Sec

A New Approach To Math Tuition

Structured Lessons

Periodic Revision

Topic Integration

Elementary Mathematics

Elementary Mathematics is a continuation to the 4/5-year course from Lower Secondary level. The secondary math tuition centre at Path Finder is suitable for students pursuing the ‘O’ and ‘N’ level course where they would be exposed to the skills needed for the examinations.

In Mathematics, the 3 key elements for success is Content Knowledge, attaining Speed and Accuracy through rigorous practice. Path Finder Tuition will start with the foundation knowledge of the MOE Syllabus and move on to imparting knowledge and skill to answer questions.

Content Knowledge

The first step is understanding the ‘what’ in Mathematics. This is the ability to recall concept and is the key formula for doing well in Mathematics.


The second step in learning Mathematics is to know how to apply the content knowledge correctly. This is the part where students need to be able to comprehend the question before applying the correct concept/formula to solve the question.


This is the last part where students learn to not only solve the problem accurately but to be trained to do so within a limited timeframe.

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Begin with the foundation course for Mathematics at the Secondary level and advance to Elementary and Additional Mathematics. Our O level math tuition classes are structured to teach from the basics to examination standards, suitable for students at all paces. The increasing difficulty of topics will expose students to integrated concepts and application in examination questions.

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With the ‘A’ Level Mathematics syllabus, students are equipped with greater Mathematical power which is designed to prepare students to tackle a range of university courses related to Science and Engineering. The subjects taught in our A level math tuition classes will build a strong foundation for students who aim to enter university.

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How do we come in?

At Path Finder Tuition, the lessons are delivered with a good mix of teaching and practices with guided material during the lesson. At the end of the day, students will be able to achieve confidence and the ability to solve questions with speed and accuracy.

Key Highlights of the Lesson

Error Identification and Correction

Classwork is collected on a weekly basis and reviewed by our tutors. This ensures that every individual’s mistakes are identified and corrected for better learning.

1 Topic a Month

A topic a month ensures that sufficient dwell time for each student to master the basics and tackle the examination style questions.

Periodic Revision

We conduct bi-monthly revision of past topics with a summary of key formula/concept and revision practices provided.

Real-life Application

Frequent practices on examination style questions allow students to have a real-life application of each topic, where applicable.

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