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The English lesson at Path Finder Tuition is crafted and designed by MOE educators which is in line with the current MOE syllabus. The key emphasis of the lessons here is to ensure that students can develop the habit to think critically, write accurately and to speak confidently.

We introduce a variety of exercises which would provide the opportunities for students to use the language and be evaluated in order to achieve mastery of the language at the end of the engagement.

A New Approach To English Tuition

Structured Lessons

Periodic Revision

Topic Integration

We provide English classes for:

Lower Secondary (Sec 1-2)

Upper Secondary (Sec 3-5)

Our Other Classes

100% Grade Improvement within 3 months

Additional Mathematics

Elementary Mathematics (‘O’ Level)

Elementary Mathematics (‘N’ Level)

H2 Mathematics

Key Features Of Our Curriculum

Relevant to the School Syllabus

Nurtures the Curiosity to learn

Hones Exam Skills And Performance

Addresses Changing Exam Format Trends

Secondary Level Math Tuition

Lower Secondary Mathematics

The Lower Secondary Math tuition syllabus is the foundation course for Mathematics at the Secondary level. This is the transition from Primary to Secondary where students will be introduced to basic Algebra and its application in many areas of Mathematics.

Functions and Graphs

Students need to be able to interpret the idea of function as input and output. Thereafter, to be able to understand graph and its solution of linear and quadratic equations on a Cartesian Coordinate system.


Students need to be able to interpret, manipulate and solve simple algebraic equations or inequalities involving 1 to 2 unknown.


Students need to be able to find unknown(s) in simple geometrical problems. Solving problems involving Geometrical Figures such as triangle, polygon and 3D geometrical figures are to be expected.

Probability and Statistics

Students must be able to understand how data are represented and how misrepresentation can be identified and corrected.

How do we come in?

At Path Finder Tuition, students would be exposed to the different topics in increasing level of difficulty through our well-structured math lesson material.

Key Highlights of Our O Level Math Tuition Classes


Algebra is the core of Mathematics at the Secondary level. Our series of activities will help students build a strong foundation in algebra.

1 Topic a Month

Our lesson is paced from mastering the basics to tackling examination style questions.

Periodic Revision

We conduct bi-monthly revision of past topics with a summary of key formula/concept and revision practices provided.

Start of Lesson Review

As a check-in, the learning from the previous class is always revisited before moving on to the next.

Elementary Mathematics

Elementary Mathematics is a continuation to the 4/5-year course from Lower Secondary level. The secondary math tuition centre at Path Finder is suitable for students pursuing the ‘O’ and ‘N’ level course where they would be exposed to the skills needed for the examinations.

In Mathematics, the 3 key elements for success is Content Knowledge, attaining Speed and Accuracy through rigorous practice. Path Finder Tuition will start with the foundation knowledge of the MOE Syllabus and move on to imparting knowledge and skill to answer questions.

Content Knowledge

The first step is understanding the ‘what’ in Mathematics. This is the ability to recall concept and is the key formula for doing well in Mathematics.


The second step in learning Mathematics is to know how to apply the content knowledge correctly. This is the part where students need to be able to comprehend the question before applying the correct concept/formula to solve the question.


This is the last part where students learn to not only solve the problem accurately but to be trained to do so within a limited timeframe.

How do we come in?

At Path Finder Tuition, the lessons are delivered with a good mix of teaching and practices with guided material during the lesson. At the end of the day, students will be able to achieve confidence and the ability to solve questions with speed and accuracy.

Error Identification and Correction

Classwork is collected on a weekly basis and reviewed by our tutors. This ensures that every individual’s mistakes are identified and corrected for better learning.

1 Topic a Month

A topic a month ensures that sufficient dwell time for each student to master the basics and tackle the examination style questions.

Periodic Revision

We conduct bi-monthly revision of past topics with a summary of key formula/concept and revision practices provided.

Real-life Application

Frequent practices on examination style questions allow students to have a real-life application of each topic, where applicable.

Additional Mathematics

For Additional Mathematics, a more tedious and complex manipulation of Mathematics is expected. This is the foundation course for all Science and Engineering related courses in Polytechnics and Universities.

The key emphasis of the Additional Mathematics subject focuses on the ability to analyse the mathematics problem with a deeper level of understanding. Students are also expected to be able to look at real-life problems from different perspectives.

There are a total of 4 areas of focus in our JC H2 Math tuition lessons. 

Language in Mathematics

Introduction to the various mathematical expressions in the topic such as Indices, Surds and Logarithm.

Advance Coordinate Geometry

Problems involving circle and advance plane geometry proving.

Advanced Trigonometry

More complicated Trigonometry problems involving the ASTC quadrant, Trigonometry proving and Trigonometry solving with more than 1 possible solution.


The use of Differentiation and Integration in the context of real-life application question.

How do we come in?

As the learnings in Additional Mathematics can be very complex, the aim of our A level math tuition centre is to simplify the content in an easy to understand manner. This is through the use of simpler step-by-step approaches to guide students through the rigorous solving process.

Key Highlights of our JC Math Tuition

1 Topic a Month

Our lesson is paced from mastering the basics to tackling examination style questions, if need be, concepts learnt from Elementary Mathematics would be revisited.

Topics Integration

Topics would be introduced individually first before they are being integrated into further chapters. This allows students to have sufficient dwell time to learn before the topics are being put together and asked in examination questions.

Rigorous Practices

Classwork is provided every week to train the application of what is taught in class. Feedback is given to every student to better reinforce their learning and to enable learning from mistakes.

Junior College Level Math Tuition

The ‘A’ Level Mathematics syllabus is designed to prepare students for a range of university courses related to Science and Engineering. The skillsets obtained through our guidance and rigorous Mathematical manipulation build the foundation necessary for understanding future courses in university.

How do we come in?

The aim of our JC H2 jurong west math tuition classes in Path Finder is to build confidence in a student’s ability to interpret and work with complicated
Mathematical manipulation with speed and accuracy.

Key Features of the Lesson at Path Finder Tuition

Curated Lesson with the end in mind

We craft our lessons as closely to the national examination as possible. Students are guided to learn with the tutor rather than left to work on the problem alone. At the end of the day, they should be independent learners that are equipped with the skills necessary to do well.

Post lesson feedback

As learning the English Language is a continuous process, we assessed our students regularly. The class size is kept small at a maximum of 8 students to ensure that each learner can be carefully monitored. At the end of each lesson, work completed before or during the class will have to be submitted to the tutor. We will then be marking them and providing individualised feedback which is essential for their progressive learning.

Fun and engaging learning

Learning would not be a one-way process at Path Finder Tuition. The classes are often filled with interactive activities between the teacher and the learners in order to keep them engaged throughout the 1.5hrs.

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