Small Class Size

Classes at Path Finder Tuition are always kept small to ensure a good teacher-student ratio. A typical class at Path Finder Tuition ranges between 3-8 students. Depending on the ability of the students in the class, the size of the class could also be adjusted for effective learning.
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Dedicated Materials

In-house material is prepared in accordance with the latest MOE syllabus. Analysis of each year’s examination question is done on a regular basis to ensure students understand the latest question trend.

Real World Application

Our Math and Science lessons are designed with the real world application in mind. Students could be exposed to the application in the real world through hands on experiments, scenarios- based question that relates the theoretical concepts from the textbook for greater appreciation

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The Path Finder Learning Cycle​

  • Introduction of laws/principle/theory
  • Introduction of key equations and relationships
  • Real-life applications of the laws/principles/theory
  • Learning through simulations
  • Guided analysis of past O/A levels questions
  • Identification of key information
  • MCQ solving techinques
  • Qualitaive question techniques (De.Si.Re Framework)
  • Summary Lecture
  • End of Chapter Assignment

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For upcoming secondary 3 and 4 students in 2021 who wish to accelerate their learning and achieve excellent results within the shortest time possible