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Specialists in high quality H2 Math tuition. Centrally located in Toa Payoh, we have served hundreds of A Level and JC students have exceled due to our uniquely strategy approach in H2 math. Register for a trial lesson today.


JC 2 Mathematics and Physics, Class of 2021
Mr Leon teaches in a way where it makes the content easier for me to comprehend. His class size is also not too big, which makes it easier for one-on-one teaching. I was able to openly ask my doubts and questions and he always helped me clarify it in a way where I could understand easily. His teaching really helped me improve my grades and gain more confidence and interest in the subjects. Thank you for helping me improve in Phy and Math!
(Yishun Innova JC)
JC 2 Mathematics and Physics, Class of 2021
Before signing up for tuition, I was uncertain about concepts and had a lot of trouble answering basic common math and physics questions. However, after signing up for path finder tuition, I gradually grasped the concepts through the lessons and learnt to answer every question, even ones which were less common, through the numerous practices I had during lessons
Wei Jun
(Anderson Serangoon JC)

Highlights of Our JC Math Tuition Classes

Progressive Learning

The content is delivered with increasing difficulty level. The lesson material are designed to expose students to the relevant formula and concept through a series of guided practices.

Step-by-Step Learning

Apart from the equation, steps are always included with explanation in exercises to help learner to rationalise the way to solve a question.

Error Detection and Correction

Careless mistakes in working are tackled immediately in-class or after-class when marked work are returned to the students. Students are taught how to catch and tackle these mistakes themselves during the examination.

100% Grade Improvement within 3 months

Additional Mathematics

Elementary Mathematics (‘O’ Level)

Elementary Mathematics (‘N’ Level)

H2 Mathematics

A New Approach To Math Tuition

Structured Lessons

Periodic Revision

Topic Integration

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Key Highlights of our JC Math Tuition

1 Topic a Month

Our lesson is paced from mastering the basics to tackling examination style questions, if need be, concepts learnt from Elementary Mathematics would be revisited.

Topics Integration

Topics would be introduced individually first before they are being integrated into further chapters. This allows students to have sufficient dwell time to learn before the topics are being put together and asked in examination questions.

Rigorous Practices

Classwork is provided every week to train the application of what is taught in class. Feedback is given to every student to better reinforce their learning and to enable learning from mistakes.

Junior College Level Math Tuition

The ‘A’ Level Mathematics syllabus is designed to prepare students for a range of university courses related to Science and Engineering. The skillsets obtained through our guidance and rigorous Mathematical manipulation build the foundation necessary for understanding future courses in university.

How do we come in?

The aim of our JC H2 math tuition classes in Path Finder is to build confidence in a student’s ability to interpret and work with complicated
Mathematical manipulation with speed and accuracy.

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Begin with the foundation course for Mathematics at the Secondary level and advance to Elementary and Additional Mathematics. Our O level math tuition classes are structured to teach from the basics to examination standards, suitable for students at all paces. The increasing difficulty of topics will expose students to integrated concepts and application in examination questions.

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With the ‘A’ Level Mathematics syllabus, students are equipped with greater Mathematical power which is designed to prepare students to tackle a range of university courses related to Science and Engineering. The subjects taught in our A level math tuition classes will build a strong foundation for students who aim to enter university.

Key Features Of Our Curriculum

Relevant to the School Syllabus

Nurtures the Curiosity to learn

Hones Exam Skills And Performance

Addresses Changing Exam Format Trends

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