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Path Finder equips you with the skills to conquer the progressive syllabus and difficulty of mathematical concepts, from the Secondary level to the Junior College level, and from Elementary Mathematics to Additional Mathematics (A-Math). Conveniently located near Toa Payoh and within the vibrant Jurong Green Community Centre, Singapore, our tuition centre is perfectly positioned to support students throughout their academic journey in mathematics.


Sec 2 Mathematics, Class of 2021
It is noticed that the tutor (Mr Leon) is very professional; patience and focus on each student. Class size is not many so can pay more attention. Class work and test are performed after each topic . Noticed that my girl's maths result is very satisfactory with A1 in her sec 2 . Recommended for this center with no doubt.
Cho Sandar Htun, Mum of Lynn
(Fuhua Sec)
Sec 1 Mathematics, Class of 2021
Mr Leon is such a kind-hearted and patient teacher!! I just love and enjoy his teaching very much as it is very clear and he tries to make the lesson fun and entertaining. I can see that he has a lot of passion in teaching as he puts in soo much effort for his students. Everytime I didn’t understand a question, he would repeat and repeat till I understood the question. Thank you Mr Leon for everything you have done for me
(Jurongville Sec)
Sec 2 Mathematics, Class of 2021
My child has never had a problem with any other subjects in school except for Math. No matter how many practices she did, her grades never really improved. However, when she joined this class, her results started to improve so drastically that she had managed to get an A1 for the first time in the two years of being in secondary school. I really appreciate Mr Leon for going the extra mile for my child.
Saira, Mum of Shafiqah
(Yuan Ching Sec)

Why Choose PF Tuition For Lower Secondary Math Tuition?

Are you wondering why you should consider our Lower Secondary Math tuition? Here are some compelling reasons:

Enhanced Grasp of Mathematical Concepts

Lower Secondary Math presents a variety of challenges with its array of topics and formulas. Our tuition classes are tailored to deconstruct these subjects into understandable segments, simplifying complex ideas for easy absorption. We aim to establish a robust mathematical foundation, enabling students to approach even the most daunting questions with assurance.

Improved Math Exam Performance

A key objective of our Lower Secondary Math tuition is to elevate students' exam scores. Through our effective teaching methodologies and consistent evaluations, students are not merely prepared to pass their exams but to outshine. Our track record of students achieving significant grade enhancements is a testament to our commitment, and we're eager to replicate this success for you.

Boosted Confidence in Mathematics

It's common for students to experience a lack of confidence in tackling Lower Secondary Math. Our nurturing educational setting, dedicated educators, and efficient instructional strategies are all in place to reinforce students' self-assurance. With a better grasp of mathematical concepts and improved performance, students' confidence is set to soar, better preparing them for complex exams and coursework.

Statistics On Improved Grades

To further illustrate our success, here are some statistics based on our students’ grade improvements:

  • Average Grade Improvement: Our students, on average, experience a two-grade improvement in their math results after joining PF Tuition.
  • Exam Pass Rates: Over 95% of our students pass their Lower Secondary Math exams with flying colours.
  • Top Scorers: A significant percentage of our students consistently rank among the top scorers in Lower Secondary Math.

Grade Improvement

Client Satisfaction

Track Record With Us

At Path Finder, We Are The Path To Your Education Success

With more than 7 years of experience teaching more than 10,000 students from Primary, Secondary and  Junior College, Path Finder is your trusted holistic education provider.

Our Lower Secondary Math Services

At PF Tuition, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to your Lower Secondary Math needs:

Overview Of Our Services

Customised Tutoring

Our Lower Secondary Math tuition is not one-size-fits-all. We understand that every student has unique learning needs. Therefore, our tutors tailor their approach to match your specific requirements. Whether you need extra help with a particular topic or want to strengthen your overall math skills.

Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage

We ensure that our tuition classes cover the entire Lower Secondary Math syllabus. No topic is left unaddressed, ensuring that you are well-prepared for your exams.

Regular Assessments and Practice

Practice makes perfect. We provide ample practice opportunities through quizzes, tests, and homework assignments. These assessments help you gauge your progress and identify areas where you need additional support.

Experienced Tutors

Our team of experienced tutors sets us apart:
Credentials and Experience

All our tutors are highly qualified and experienced in teaching Lower Secondary Math. They possess advanced degrees in mathematics and have demonstrated success in guiding students to excel in their studies.

Passion for Teaching Mathematics

Our tutors are not only experts in their subject but also have a deep passion for teaching mathematics. They are committed to your success and dedicated to ensuring you achieve your full potential in understanding and applying mathematical concepts.

Teaching Methodology

Interactive Learning

Our lessons are designed to be interactive and engaging, ensuring students actively participate to enhance their understanding of Lower Secondary Math. Forget passive listening; our approach involves you in active problem-solving, discussions, and exercises that keep you focused and involved throughout the learning process.

Problem-Solving Approach

Mathematics is more than just memorising formulas; it’s about applying concepts to solve problems. Our curriculum emphasises developing your problem-solving skills, which are essential for mastering Lower Secondary Math and preparing for more advanced topics in Upper Secondary and beyond.

Exam Techniques and Strategies

We go beyond teaching just the syllabus by equipping students with effective exam techniques and strategies. These skills are crucial for excelling in Math exams, helping students approach their papers with confidence and achieve their best possible results.

Learning Materials And Resources

To support your learning journey, we provide a range of materials and resources:
Textbooks and Supplementary Materials

Our classes are supplemented with textbooks and additional study materials to ensure you have all the resources you need at your fingertips.

Access to Online Resources

In the digital age, online resources are invaluable. We provide access to a variety of online materials, including video tutorials and interactive simulations.

Practice Questions and Worksheets

Practice is key to mastering Lower Secondary Math. We offer a plethora of practice questions and worksheets to help you reinforce your understanding of key concepts.

Gain Confidence In Specific Lower Secondary Math Learning Areas

Number and Algebra: Establish a strong foundation in your maths journey by mastering critical concepts such as algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities. Dive into the fascinating world of numbers and learn how to manipulate them through various algebraic techniques.

Geometry and Measurement: Explore the intriguing world of shapes and spaces. Learn about different types of angles, properties of geometric figures, and how to calculate area and volume, enhancing your spatial understanding and measurement skills.

Statistics and Probability: Uncover the basics of data interpretation and probability. Grasp how to collect, organise, and interpret data, and understand fundamental probability concepts to analyse everyday situations.

Mensuration: Delve into the detailed study of measuring physical quantities such as length, area, and volume. Learn the principles of mensuration that are essential for solving real-world problems involving various geometric shapes and forms.

Graphs and Functions: Get to grips with representing algebraic relationships through graphs. Understand the concepts of functions and how they can be used to model and solve practical problems.

Ratio, Rate, and Proportion: Master the concepts of ratio, rate, and proportion to solve problems related to comparative quantities. This knowledge is crucial for understanding relationships between different quantities and applying them in various contexts.

Percentage: Gain a comprehensive understanding of percentages and their applications in daily life and mathematical problems. Learn how to calculate, interpret, and apply percentages in various scenarios.

Speed and Algebraic Formulae: Explore the concepts of speed and how algebraic formulae are used to solve problems related to motion. Understand the relationship between distance, time, and speed, and how to manipulate these elements mathematically.

Integers, Fractions, and Decimals: Dive deep into the operations and properties of integers, fractions, and decimals. Learn how to effectively work with these fundamental mathematical elements in various calculations and problem-solving scenarios.

Linear and Quadratic Equations and Inequalities: Enhance your understanding of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities. Learn how to solve them and apply these concepts to model and solve practical problems, laying the groundwork for more advanced mathematical studies.

Emphasis on Conceptual Understanding

Our Approach To Lower Secondary Math

At PF Tuition, our approach to Lower Secondary Math is based on a few key principles:


Understanding the Lower Secondary Math Curriculum

Our team possesses a comprehensive understanding of the Lower Secondary Math curriculum, enabling us to tailor our teaching strategies to meet the exact requirements of your syllabus.


Personalised Lesson Plans

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each student, our tutors personalise their teaching methods to align with your individual learning style and pace, ensuring a more effective learning experience.


Emphasis on Conceptual Understanding

We prioritise a deep understanding of mathematical concepts over mere memorization. Our aim is for students to grasp the fundamental principles of mathematics, fostering a stronger foundation for future learning.


Regular Assessments and Constructive Feedback

Through ongoing evaluations and feedback, we monitor student progress closely, allowing for timely interventions and adjustments to maximise academic achievement in maths.


Flexible Teaching Methods

We are committed to educational excellence and understand the importance of adaptability in teaching. Should a particular approach prove less effective, our tutors are prepared to modify their strategies to discover the most effective method for engaging and educating each student.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program emphasises mastering mathematical concepts, starting from Secondary levels, with a strong foundation in Algebra to support students’ transition and success in mathematics.

Classes are designed to cover different topics in increasing difficulty, including a series of activities and exercises focused on Algebra, to ensure a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary level mathematics.

Through structured lessons, periodic revisions, and integrating topics, Path Finder ensures students master the basics before moving on to more complex examination-style questions.

The tuition centre uses a “learn-by-example” approach with follow-up exercises, enabling students to understand concepts thoroughly and apply them effectively in exams.

Path Finder has centres in Jurong Green Community Centre and Toa Payoh, Singapore, making it accessible for students in these areas.

How do we come in?

At Path Finder Tuition, students would be exposed to the different topics in increasing level of difficulty through our well-structured lesson material.

Key Highlights of the Lesson


As Algebra is the core of Mathematics from Secondary level onwards, the classes at Path Finder is designed to bridge student between the Primary and Secondary level through a series of activities and exercises. Building a strong foundation of Algebra can then paved the way for a smoother transition to Upper Secondary level later.

1 Topic a Month

Our lesson is paced from mastering the basics to tackling examination style questions.

Periodic Revision

We conduct bi-monthly revision of past topics with a summary of key formula/concept and revision practices provided.

Start of Lesson Review

As a check-in, the learning from the previous class is always revisited before moving on to the next.

A New Approach To Math Tuition

Structured Lessons

Periodic Revision

Topic Integration

Secondary Level

Lower Secondary Mathematics

The Lower Secondary Mathematics syllabus is the foundation course for Mathematics at the Secondary level. This is the transition from Primary to Secondary where students will be introduced to basic Algebra and its application in many areas of Mathematics.

Functions and Graphs

Students need to be able to interpret the idea of function as input and output. Thereafter, to be able to understand graph and its solution of linear and quadratic equations on a Cartesian Coordinate system.


Students need to be able to interpret, manipulate and solve simple algebraic equations or inequalities involving 1 to 2 unknown.

Geometry and Measurement

Students need to be able to find unknown(s) in simple geometrical problems. Solving problems involving Geometrical Figures such as triangle, polygon and 3D geometrical figures are to be expected.

Statistics and Probability

Students must be able to understand how data are represented and how misrepresentation can be identified and corrected.

Choose Your Programme

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Begin with the foundation course for Mathematics at the Secondary level and advance to Elementary and Additional Mathematics. Our lessons are structured to teach from the basics to examination standards, suitable for students at all paces. The increasing difficulty of topics will expose students to integrated concepts and application in examination questions.

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Through our “learn-by-example” approach with “follow-up” exercises, students are able to grasp the concepts and use them with precision in applications.

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