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At Path Finder Tuition, we aim to develop a love for the Science subject and connect the concepts learnt to our everyday life. Learning Science at the Lower Secondary level is a foundation course to build understanding for the different branches of Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and to prepare students for the Upper Secondary level.


Class of Sec 1
Mr Leon is such a kind-hearted and patient teacher!! I just love and enjoy his teaching very much as it is very clear and he tries to make the lesson fun and entertaining😆😆 I can see that he has a lot of passion in teaching as he puts in soo much effort for his students. Everytime I didn’t understand a question, he would repeat and repeat till I understood the question. Thank you Mr Leon for everything you have done for me❣️☺️”
Class of Sec 2
My child has never had a problem with any other subjects in school except for Math. No matter how many practices she did, her grades never really improved. However, when she joined this class, her results started to improve so drastically that she had managed to get an A1 for the first time in the two years of being in secondary school. I really appreciate Mr Leon for going the extra mile for my child.
Mum of Shafiqah
Sec 2 Mathematics and Science, Class of 2021
My child has been with the center since end 2020 and i can see significant improvements in his end of year exam recently. The tuition teacher, Leon has been very patient and nuturing. I really appreciate his flexibiliity and willingness to assist with questions that my child has from school, etc. He has also been accommodating with our requests given that we do not stay near the center. Thanks alot and looking forward to more milestones in my child's education with Path Finder!
Mabel, Mum of Jing Le
(New Town Sec)

How do we come in?

The Science programme at Path Finder Tuition ensures that the topics taught not only focus on content delivery but also real-life applications through simple hands-on experiments and in-class discussion to spark interest and the curiosity to explore further.


As Science is a subject that is always built upon previous knowledge, the course at Path Finder reinforces what was learnt previously at the Primary level. Tutors would then bridge the learning with the new content to ensure understanding.

Bridging Mathematics
to Science

Important skill sets in Mathematics are needed for graph reading, calculation and formula manipulation. Students will be exposed to how Mathematics is used in the Science course and be taught interdisciplinary skills to apply and solve questions.


We conduct bi-monthly revision of past topics with a summary of key formula/concept and revision practices provided.

Key highlights of our lessons

Problem-based approach

Many problems in Science is what we have seen before in our daily life. Our approach is to break the monotonous delivery method by first introducing the problem followed by laying out the content in the reverse engineering manner.   

Bite-size learning

Traditionally, tuition is either 1.5 or 2 hours. We break the class into packages of 20-30minutes focusing only on one concept at a time. This is also about the time which students can concentrate, enhancing the effectiveness of learning.

Linkages realisation

Build connections, not content. Having too much to remember dampens the spirit in learning Science. Our educators focus on helping students to connect rather than memorising them.

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The Lower Secondary Science syllabus is the foundation course for Science at the Secondary level. This is the transition from Primary school to Secondary school, where students will have to not only be able to describe how things happen, they are also expected to be able to explain how they happen through the use of calculation, concept application and information from graph or table.

100% Grade Improvement within 3 months

Through our “learn-by-example” approach with “follow-up”
exercises, students are able to grasp the concepts and use them
with precision in applications.

Through our “learn-by-example” approach with “follow-up” exercises, students are able to grasp the concepts and use them with precision in applications. 

Lower Sec Science

Key Features Of Our Curriculum

Relevant to the School Syllabus

Nurtures the Curiosity to learn

Hones Exam Skills And Performance

Changing Exam Format Trends

Addresses Changing Exam Format Trends

Lower Secondary Science

As the foundation course at the Lower Secondary level, students are exposed to a wide spectrum of the Science study. Science is separated into the following themes – Diversity, Models, Interactions and Systems. This is similar to how it was done at the Primary level. However, there would also be an increase in awareness of the 3 branches of Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics.



This is the natural science that studies life and living organisms. Which includes their structure, chemical processes as well as their interaction with the world, expanding further into the working mechanism behind what forms living organisms and their interaction with the environment.


This is the study of matter at the microscopic level and it is the core of the subject at Secondary level. Starting from the basic, students must be able to appreciate the composition of matter and further classify them based on their chemical properties.


The study of interaction of all living and non-living organisms in the world. Physics involves the transition from qualitative to quantitative understanding of science. Students will be introduced to various formulas and concepts related but not limited to Forces, Heat and Electricity, as well as exposure to the use of formula and graph reading for Science.

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