Secondary 3 Chemistry Tuition

Do you need help with Secondary 3 Chemistry? Do you want to achieve your best O Level Chemistry exam results? Look no further than PFTuition, the best chemistry tuition in Singapore!

Our experienced and dedicated tutors provide tailored lessons to help you grasp complex concepts and achieve success in your chemistry studies. With our O Level Chemistry tuition program, you will receive comprehensive syllabus coverage and a deep understanding of key topics.

At PFTuition, learning should be engaging and enjoyable. Our interactive lessons and hands-on activities will make Chemistry come to life and help you excel in your studies. We understand that every student is unique, so we provide personalized attention to each student to ensure their success.

Join our Secondary 3 Chemistry tuition program and experience the best chemistry tuition in Singapore. Don’t let your struggles with Chemistry hold you back – Enroll with PFTuition today and unlock your full potential!


Our Chemistry programmes levels the steep learning curve of the subject by imparting students with rock solid foundational principles.

Our Lesson Syllabus

Term 1

1. Chemical Formula

2. Balancing Equations

3. Atomic Structure

4. Chemical Bonding

Term 2

1. Periodic Table

2. Chemical Calculation, Mole and Stoichiometry

3. Acid, Bases and Oxides

Term 3

1. Salt Solubility and Preparation

2. Qualitative Analysis

3. Metals

Term 4

1. Speed of Reaction

2. Energy Change

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