Primary School Math

Mathematics provides learner with the ability to think logically and applying mathematical concept to solve daily problems. At the end of the 6 years, students would be able to recall key rules and formulae to tackle simple to intermediate problems related to fraction, percentage, geometry or a combination of the various topic.
At Path Finder, we believed and understand the importance of laying a strong foundation during the Primary school years which would help paved the way to learning more difficulty concepts in the years after. As such, we provide a heuristic structural approach to learning each mathematical concept in order to equip each student with the ability to solve more complicated problem in the future.

Learning Assessment

A short monthly assessment will be carried out where student will be graded. The tutor will then mark the assessment and provide feedback on the areas to improve. If required, further consultation can be arranged base on the tutor’s discretion at no extra cost.

Why learn Math with Path Finder Tuition?

Learning at your child’s pace

Your child will be streamed according to the ability to manipulate expression, recognition of patterns and processing multiple information. After which, he will be placed in the class where it is the closest match to his learning ability.

Learning with the professional

We employed only experienced full-time tutor or ex-MOE educator who are familiar with the latest MOE syllabus. The centre performs stringent checks on the teacher’s qualification and their effectiveness to communicate with students.

Resources for continual learning

As Mathematics is a subject that is perfected through practices, students registered with us can use our rooms at designated timeslot to do his or her work. We provide the resources which your child requires so that there is no longer a need to purchase assessment books for them.

Quarterly Meet-the-Parents Session

On a quarterly basis, the class tutor will meet the parents either face to face or through online to update on the progress of the child. We will then share some of our in class observation and ways on how the child can improve.

Our Primary Math Tutors


Leon is the principal tutor at Path Finder Tuition. He has been teaching Physics and Mathematics for Secondary and Junior College level both in government schools and in his centre over the past 13 years.

Having taught students ranging from the Normal Academic stream to students from the IP stream, he understands the difficulties faced by the student in the respective stream and has developed a lesson framework with the implementation of Problem Based Learning (PBL). This unique pedagogy enhances student’s ability to learn and allows them to pick up content knowledge quickly and effectively which makes learning much easier.

Testimony to the success of his lesson framework, he has managed to help many students to accelerate their learning and improve from their failing grade in the shortest amount of time.