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At PF Tuition, we’re committed to enhancing your child’s primary science learning experience. With professional tutors, a personalised teaching approach, and engaging resources, we aim to deepen students’ science understanding and boost exam performance. Our program is designed to make science exciting and applicable to everyday life, ensuring your child is both academically successful and passionate about learning.


"Joining Path Finder Tuition transformed my view on science from daunting to fascinating. The lessons are not only fun and interactive but also tailored to make complex topics easy and enjoyable to understand. Thanks to the dedicated tutors, my grades have improved significantly, boosting my confidence immensely."
Emily Tan
"I always looked forward to my science classes at Path Finder. The tutors are incredibly supportive, offering a personalised approach that catered to my learning style, helping me to excel in exams beyond my expectations. It's truly been a game-changer for my academic journey."
Joshua Lim
"Seeing my child's enthusiasm for science blossom has been absolutely wonderful, thanks to Path Finder Tuition. Their regular updates and focus on applying science to real-world situations have significantly contributed to my child's academic and personal growth. I highly recommend their services to any parent looking for a comprehensive and engaging science tuition program."
Mrs. Karen Lee
JC 2 Physics, Class of 2019
Leon is a very professional and patience teacher. He will explain concepts in details which is very important for my daughter to conquer her physics questions. My daughter scored A for her A level. She was not confident at the beginning of JC1. Thks Leon. She's awarded scholarship with SUTD now.
Mum of Natalie (Victoria JC)
JC 2 Physics, Class of 2019
Leon helped me to realise the gaps in my understanding and was extremely open to consultations whenever I needed them. He was the only reason why I could consistently be getting my As throughout year 6.
JC 2 Physics, Class of 2021
Approached Leon late in April 2021 for Physics tuition to my nephew whose result has been poor since JC1. Only 6-month's and my nephew got a sterling 'A'…grateful for Leon's personal guidance and patience and keeping me informed when he identified issues beyond academic scope. Positive: Sincere, Attentive and Dedicated.
Hwee Kheng
Guardian of Darren (Eunoia JC)

Structured Learning Path in Regular Science at Path Finder Tuition

The structure for Path Finder Tuition’s Regular Science Class is crafted to engage and educate:

Problem-Solving Kickoff

Each class begins by tackling a real-world problem for 10-15 minutes, encouraging students to brainstorm and initiate the learning process.

Scientific Concepts Unveiled

For 30-40 minutes, students delve into scientific theories through class discussions, leading to a comprehensive understanding of the principles at play.

Learning Reinforcement

The final 30 minutes are dedicated to consolidating knowledge by connecting the day’s problem with the scientific concepts, enhancing the students’ application skills.

Why Choose PF Tuition for Primary Science?

Benefits of Our Primary Science Tuition Classes

Wondering about the advantages of our primary science tuition at Path Finder Tuition? Here are some reasons to consider:

Boosted Confidence in Physics

Many students face confidence issues when tackling O-Level Physics. Our nurturing educational atmosphere, dedicated educators, and efficient teaching approaches are all geared towards enhancing your confidence. As you progress in understanding and mastering physics, your confidence will soar, better preparing you to tackle challenging exams and coursework with poise.

Expert-Led Science Tuition

Our primary science tuition is led by seasoned educators, including former MOE teachers who are experts in the current primary science syllabus. We perform rigorous evaluations to ensure our tutors possess not only the requisite knowledge but also the skill to engage effectively with young learners.

Mentorship in Learning Primary Science

Beyond teaching primary science content, our tutors are dedicated to mentoring students. They offer valuable feedback after lessons, helping students refine their study habits and adopt effective strategies for excelling in primary science exams.

Regular Updates Through Parent-Teacher Sessions

Engagement with parents is key to a student's success. That's why we hold quarterly sessions for parents to meet with the primary science tutors. These meetings can take place in person or online, offering updates on your child's progress and sharing insights from classroom observations to discuss how your child can continue to improve in primary science.

Statistics On Improved Grades

To further illustrate our success, here are some statistics based on our students’ grade improvements:

  • Average Grade Improvement: Our students, on average, experience a two-grade improvement in their primary science results after joining PF Tuition.
  • Exam Pass Rates: Over 95% of our students pass their Primary Science exams with flying colours.
  • Top Scorers: A significant percentage of our students consistently rank among the top scorers in Primary Science.

Grade Improvement

Client Satisfaction

Track Record With Us

At Path Finder, We Are The Path To Your Education Success

With more than 7 years of experience teaching more than 10,000 students from Primary, Secondary and  Junior College, Path Finder is your trusted holistic education provider.

Our Primary Science Tuition Services

At PF Tuition, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to your Primary Science needs:

Overview Of Our Services

Personalized Primary Science Learning

Every child is unique, especially when it comes to learning primary science. At our centre, we recognize the diverse needs of our young learners. Our primary science tuition is tailored to cater to the individual learning styles and requirements of each student. Whether your child needs reinforcement in specific areas of science or seeks to enhance their overall understanding of the subject, our dedicated tutors are equipped to provide the necessary support.

Complete Primary Science Syllabus Mastery

Our primary science tuition promises thorough coverage of the entire primary science syllabus. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring that our students are fully equipped to tackle their examinations with confidence. From living organisms to physical processes, we ensure that our students gain a comprehensive understanding of all areas of primary science.

Consistent Assessments for Science Proficiency

We believe in the power of consistent practice and assessment to solidify primary science knowledge. Our students benefit from a structured schedule of quizzes, regular tests, and homework tasks, all designed to provide them with the practice they need to excel. These assessments are crucial in tracking progress and pinpointing specific areas where a student may require further primary science tuition and practice.

Experienced Primary Science Tutors

Our team of experienced tutors sets us apart:

Qualified and Skilled Educators

Our primary science tuition is empowered by a team of exceptional tutors, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the classroom. They possess advanced qualifications in the sciences and have a proven history of nurturing young minds to achieve excellence in primary science.

Devotion to Primary Science Education

The tutors at our centre are not merely academic experts; they are devoted educators with a deep-seated passion for primary science. They are committed to instilling a love for learning and an inquisitive spirit in our students. Their enthusiasm for primary science is infectious, fostering a nurturing environment where every child is motivated to explore the wonders of science and unlock their full potential.

Teaching Methodology

Interactive Primary Science Sessions

Our primary science tuition thrives on interaction and hands-on engagement. We stand by the philosophy that active participation cements knowledge more effectively. Forget passive listening; our primary science classes are alive with vibrant discussions, practical problem-solving, and exciting experiments that keep young minds curious and attentive.

Emphasis on Problem-Solving in Science

Primary science is more than just memorising facts and figures; it’s about understanding and applying concepts to solve real-world problems. Our teaching methodology is tailored to develop these critical problem-solving skills, empowering students to navigate through primary science with confidence and curiosity.

Mastering Exams with Strategy

Our primary science tuition goes beyond the curriculum to provide students with crucial exam techniques and strategies. By teaching these skills, we ensure that our students are not only versed in primary science topics but are also adept at tackling exam questions with precision and poise.

Learning Materials and Resources

To enhance your child’s learning experience, we offer an extensive suite of learning materials tailored for primary science tuition:

Curated Textbooks and Study Aids

Our primary science classes are enriched with carefully selected textbooks and supplementary materials. These resources are designed to be student-friendly and are aligned with the primary science curriculum to ensure your child has the best tools for success.

Digital Learning Tools

Embracing technology, we provide access to a diverse array of online resources. This includes educational video tutorials, interactive simulations, and online quizzes that make learning primary science engaging and accessible from anywhere.

Extensive Practice Materials

Consistent practice is crucial in mastering primary science. We supply a wide range of practice questions and worksheets, all crafted to reinforce the understanding of primary science concepts and cater to various difficulty levels to match your child’s progress.

Our Approach to Primary Science

At PF Tuition, our approach to Primary Science is based on a few key principles:


Understanding the Primary Science Curriculum

Our expertise in the primary science curriculum is the cornerstone of our teaching approach. At PF Tuition, we tailor our science tuition to align perfectly with the educational standards and exam requirements for primary science.


Personalized Primary Science Lessons

We recognize the individuality of each student in our primary science tuition. Our educators are adept at modifying their teaching strategies to accommodate the varied learning styles and paces of our students, ensuring personalised attention.


Emphasis on Conceptual Understanding

At PF Tuition, we move beyond mere memorization. Our primary science tuition is centred around a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts, ensuring students grasp the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of primary science phenomena.


Ongoing Assessment and Constructive Feedback

We implement consistent evaluation and personalised feedback mechanisms to monitor each student’s progress in primary science. This continual appraisal allows us to fine-tune our teaching methods and provide targeted support to foster student success.


Adaptable Teaching Techniques

Flexibility in instruction is key to our primary science tuition services. Should a student require a different approach, our tutors are well-equipped to shift strategies to discover the most effective method to enhance the student’s comprehension and enjoyment of primary science.

Frequently Asked Questions

It emphasises qualitative knowledge and analytical skills, which are fundamental for Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) in Singapore, by focusing on real-life applications of scientific concepts.

Students are given monthly assessments to evaluate their grasp of the subject, and feedback is provided to guide them on areas to improve; additional consultations are available if needed to ensure comprehensive support.

Yes, an initial assessment determines the most suitable learning pace for each child, ensuring a tailored educational experience that caters to individual learning styles and abilities.

The tutors are highly qualified, often with MOE experience, and are rigorously assessed for their mastery of the primary science syllabus and their communication skills.

Tutors provide not just content delivery but also mentorship, offering post-lesson consultations to help students improve their time management and exam strategies.

Parents are engaged in quarterly sessions where tutors provide updates on progress and discuss observations from class, offering insights on how the child can further improve.

Tutors, including the principal tutor Leon, bring over a decade of teaching experience to the program, utilising innovative teaching methods like Problem-Based Learning to enhance student understanding.

The tuition centre is committed to adapting their teaching methods to suit individual learning styles, ensuring each child can learn effectively and with enjoyment.

Students benefit from a customised pace of learning, instruction by professional educators, a supportive mentoring system, and regular parental updates to foster a collaborative learning environment.

Interested parties can sign up for trial classes or seek more information by contacting Path Finder Tuition through the provided phone numbers or email address.

Learning Assessment

A monthly assessment will be carried out where students will be graded and providing feedback on how they fared for the topic as well as areas to improve. If required, further consultation can be arranged base on the tutor’s discretion at no extra cost.

Why learn Science with Path Finder Tuition?

Learning at your child’s pace

We understand what works for your child. Unlike most centres, we performed an initial assessment based on your child’s learning style and ability in order to determine the most suitable class for your child to attend. As such, there is no need to worry about being in a class that might be too fast or too slow.

Learning with the professional

We employed only experienced full-time tutor or ex-MOE educator who are familiar with the latest MOE syllabus. The centre performs stringent checks on the teacher’s qualification and their effectiveness to communicate with students.

Teaching and Mentoring system

Apart from delivering the lesson content, our tutors also provide post lesson consultation to improve student’s ability to better manage their time and inculcate good strategies to manage their examination.

Quarterly Meet-the-Parents Session

On a quarterly basis, the class tutor will meet the parents either face to face or through online to update on the progress of the child. We will then share some of our in class observation and ways on how the child can improve.

Our Primary Science Tutors


Leon is the principal tutor at Path Finder Tuition. He has been teaching Physics and Mathematics for Secondary and Junior College level both in government schools and in his centre over the past 13 years.

Having taught students ranging from the Normal Academic stream to students from the IP stream, he understands the difficulties faced by the student in the respective stream and has developed a lesson framework with the implementation of Problem Based Learning (PBL). This unique pedagogy enhances student’s ability to learn and allows them to pick up content knowledge quickly and effectively which makes learning much easier.

Testimony to the success of his lesson framework, he has managed to help many students to accelerate their learning and improve from their failing grade in the shortest amount of time.


Mr Lo is a very detailed and patient teacher who answered many of my questions during class and via text which helped clear many of my doubts. The notes provided are very useful and straightforward. My math improved tremendously after attending tuition.
elyse teo
elyse teo
Mr Leon is vv patient in his teachings always giving ample explanations to make sure i understand in lessons and this got me to get do consistently well in school and helped me to do well in my A levels
Beh Kester
Beh Kester
Mr Leon is a very patient teacher who make sure we understand every point before moving on to the next point , it is very easy to approach him with any doubts in mind even outside of classes !
yan fang
yan fang
was taught by mr leon and had a great experience! he was extremely positive and also tried using various methods to help me better understand the physics concepts.
phoebe tan
phoebe tan
before i enrolled in this tuition, i kept getting grade 5 or U for science( physics and chemistry )and english. i was very worried about my results, but after enrolling, i kept getting grade 3 and higher and i qualified for pfp 🥳🥳
rajeev padala
rajeev padala
mr leon is a patient teacher who will go through every question that you need patiently. He also helps me to build my foundation strong when i first join at J1. 🫡🫡
cheok xinru
cheok xinru
Approached Leon late in April 2021 for Physics tuition to my nephew whose result has been poor since JC1. Only 6-month's and my nephew got a sterling 'A'…grateful for Leon's personal guidance and patience and keeping me informed when he identified issues beyond academic scope. Positive: Sincere, Attentive and Dedicated
Tan Hwee Kheng
Tan Hwee Kheng
Before signing up for tuition, I was uncertain about concepts and had a lot of trouble answering basic common math and physics questions. However, after signing up for path finder tuition, I gradually grasped the concepts through the lessons and learnt to answer every question, even ones which were less common, through the numerous practices I had during lessons
Supremacy 98
Supremacy 98
My child has been with the center since end 2020 and i can see significant improvements in his end of year exam recently. The tuition teacher, Leon has been very patient and nuturing. I really appreciate his flexibiliity and willingness to assist with questions that my child has from school, etc. He has also been accommodating with our requests given that we do not stay near the center. Thanks alot and looking forward to more milestones in my child's education with Path Finder!
Mabel Ton
Mabel Ton

PF Tuition’s primary science program offers specialised science tuition to nurture young learners in their scientific understanding. Our primary science tuition is designed to solidify fundamental concepts, enhance test-taking skills, and foster a strong academic foundation in primary science. Enrol now and embark on a journey of discovery and excellence in primary science with us.

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