Primary School Science

Science is a subject which requires the student’s ability to learn and apply to real-life scenario. During the years in Primary school, the teaching of Science focus on qualitative knowledge with some simple analytical skills involving interpretation of graphs, tables and diagrams. This is then translated into answering open-ended question during the PSLE examination.

Learning Assessment

A monthly assessment will be carried out where students will be graded and providing feedback on how they fared for the topic as well as areas to improve. If required, further consultation can be arranged base on the tutor’s discretion at no extra cost.

Why learn Science with Path Finder Tuition?

Learning at your child’s pace

We understand what works for your child. Unlike most centres, we performed an initial assessment based on your child’s learning style and ability in order to determine the most suitable class for your child to attend. As such, there is no need to worry about being in a class that might be too fast or too slow.

Learning with the professional

We employed only experienced full-time tutor or ex-MOE educator who are familiar with the latest MOE syllabus. The centre performs stringent checks on the teacher’s qualification and their effectiveness to communicate with students.

Teaching and Mentoring system

Apart from delivering the lesson content, our tutors also provide post lesson consultation to improve student’s ability to better manage their time and inculcate good strategies to manage their examination.

Quarterly Meet-the-Parents Session

On a quarterly basis, the class tutor will meet the parents either face to face or through online to update on the progress of the child. We will then share some of our in class observation and ways on how the child can improve.

Our Primary Science Tutors


Leon is the principal tutor at Path Finder Tuition. He has been teaching Physics and Mathematics for Secondary and Junior College level both in government schools and in his centre over the past 13 years.

Having taught students ranging from the Normal Academic stream to students from the IP stream, he understands the difficulties faced by the student in the respective stream and has developed a lesson framework with the implementation of Problem Based Learning (PBL). This unique pedagogy enhances student’s ability to learn and allows them to pick up content knowledge quickly and effectively which makes learning much easier.

Testimony to the success of his lesson framework, he has managed to help many students to accelerate their learning and improve from their failing grade in the shortest amount of time.