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November 8th 2021 - December 19th 2021

Programme Highlights

This school holiday, partake in our June Revision Programme and gear your child up for the new semester. Our program covers basic to exam style practices, with step-by-step explanation from our highly experienced teachers. With each topic covered, receive summary notes to better facilitate revision for your child.

Programme objectives

Our programme aims to help your child achieve competency across various topics and be prepared for the school reopening ahead. Our effective and quality curriculum will provide support to your child’s learning through self-practices, discussions and revision practices.



The intention of the class is to provide a bridging course for students transiting to Sec 3 in 2022.

The lessons are planned to help in the revision of the Secondary 2 contents and acquire some knowledge prior to transition to the different subjects in Upper Secondary. At the end of the 6 lessons, student would develop the require content knowledge and skillset expected of them in the following year.

A choice of 2 timing for each week’s lesson per week. Student only needs to attend one of the 2 timing according to the preferred schedule.

Fees and Discount


$300/subject (6 sessions, 1.5hrs each)


10% off for signing up 2 subjects, 15% off for signing up 3 subjects or more.

Referral Program

$30 off total fees per student referral.

I do not want to attend all sessions for 1 subject. Can I mix and match?

For students who wish to choose across the different subjects, mix and match is possible. Minimum to choose 6 lessons from the subject/topic provided.

December Holiday Revision Program Schedule

Elementary Math

Class 1Class 2Lesson
11/11/202113/11/2021Revision – Solving Quadratic Equation by Factorisation
18/11/202120/11/2021Sec 3 – Solving Quadratic Equation by Formula
25/11/202127/11/2021Sec 3 – Completing the Square
02/12/20214/12/2021Sec 3 – Recap Solving Quadratic Equation by various methods
09/12/202111/12/2021Sec 3 – Indices I
16/12/202118/12/2021Sec 3 – Indices II

Class 1: Every Thursday, 7-8.30pm
Class 2: Every Saturday, 4-5.30pm

Additional Math

Class 1Class 2Lesson
8/11/202114/11/2021Sec 3 – Solving simultaneous equation I (Quadratic and Linear)
15/11/202121/11/2021Sec 3 – Solving simultaneous equation II (Quadratic and Linear)
22/11/202128/11/2021Sec 3 – Indices I
29/11/20215/12/2021Sec 3 - Indices II
06/12/202112/12/2021Sec 3 – Surds I
13/12/202119/12/2021Sec 3 – Surds II

Class 1: Every Monday, 5.30-7pm
Class 2: Every Sunday, 3-4.30pm


Class 1Class 2Lesson
9/11/202114/11/2021Measurement and Units
16/11/202121/11/2021Kinematics and Forces I
23/11/202128/11/2021Kinematics and Forces II
30/11/20215/12/2021Ray Model of Light I
07/12/202112/12/2021Ray Model of Light II
14/12/202119/12/2021Thermal Physics

Class 1: Every Tuesday, 5.30-7pm
Class 2: Every Sunday, 3-4.30pm


Class 1Class 2Lesson
8/11/202113/11/2021Separation techniques
15/11/202120/11/2021Atomic Structure
22/11/202127/11/2021Chemical Bonding I
29/11/20214/12/2021Chemical Bonding II
06/12/202111/12/2021Introduction to Periodic Table

Class 1: Every Monday, 5.30-7pm
Class 2: Every Saturday, 1-2.30pm

Combined Science (Phy/Chem)

Class 1Class 2Lesson
12/11/202114/11/2021Measurement and units
19/11/202121/11/2021Atomic Structure
26/11/202128/11/2021Basic Kinematics and Forces I
3/12/20215/12/2021Basic Kinematics and Forces II
10/12/202112/12/2021Basic Chemical Bonding I
17/12/202119/12/2021Basic Chemical Bonding II

Class 1: Every Friday, 4-5.30pm
Class 2: Every Sunday, 1-2.30pm


Swiss Cottage Sec 2019

“I have never regretted attending classes at Path Finder Tuition. They have a team of teachers that are passionate, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra miles for students.”

Chia Hui
Chia Hui
Xinmin Sec 2019

“I was almost going to drop the subject due to my failing grade. However, ever since I started tuition at Path Finder, my results improved tremendously from F9 to B3 in less than 6 months. I am really grateful to Mr Leon”

VJC 2017

“The tutor in the center is able to relate Physics concepts to the real world which better equipped me with the knowledge to tackle application questions in the exam.”

Jie Lyn
Jie Lyn
Juying Sec 2019

The tuition material at Path Finder is comprehensive and has really helped me through all my revision during Sec 3 and 4. With the team of dedicated teachers, I managed to go from F9 to A2 for Chemistry. Highly recommended for all who are struggling for the subject.

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With 5 years of experience teaching more than 10,000 students from Secondary school to Junior College, Path Finder is your trusted holistic education provider.

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Structured Curriculum

Gradual progression in content difficulty
Learning takes place in a well-guided manner which is suitable for the pace of all our students.

Learning takes place in a well-guided manner which is suitable for the pace of all our students.

Monthly Assessment
Our end-of-month test ensures that every learner’s progression is checked and understood.

Revision at a regular interval
Regardless of which point of entry, there are always revision sessions conducted bi-monthly* to check our student’s understanding of the topic.
*Frequency depends on the pace of the class

Dedicated Tutors

Full-time tutors only

Our team of tutors comprises only full-time tutors who were previous MOE educators or working professional who is able to impart real-life experience to students when teaching.

Post-lesson engagement
Learning does not only take place during the class. If there are doubts to be clarified, external help can be arranged before/after the class or through our Whatsapp chat.


Proven Track Record
100% grade improvement in 6 month
For the past 5 years, the centre achieved 100% grade improvement in students within 6 months. Students generally show greater interest in learning and are more confident post-class engagement.

Driving Excellence
Whether you are a fast or slower learner, the program caters to each individual with a wide variety of exercises that help students to achieve their ideal grades at the end.

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For upcoming secondary 3 and 4 students in 2021 who wish to accelerate their learning and achieve excellent results within the shortest time possible