Secondary School Chinese Tuition

Secondary School Chinese Tuition at Path Finder

At Path Finder Tuition, each lesson is planned in accordance to the key objectives set by MOE Syllabus. Students would be exposed to a variety of materials that would prepare them in progression to achieve the required level at the end of each engagement.

To make each lesson even more manageable, most lesson would be conducted with the use of the English language to complement each lesson. This gives the slower learner an opportunity to build confidence before removing this dependency from the students.

Why is Secondary School Chinese Important?

Learning the Chinese Language at Secondary School level builds upon the fundamental learned from the Primary level. At this stage, students are streamed according to their ability and given the right emphasis to continue to grow in the language. The complexity of the information presented is also increase to better represent what they might face in the world around us.

Class Information & Booking

To learn more about this class, please call us at +65 8113 2816.